Weekly Rant - Video Game Store Clerks

Weekly Rant - Video Game Store Clerks

There is no doubt that video store game clerks have a tough job. They deal with soulless corporations, head-up-butt management, and the most annoying customers in any industry. But I don't have a lick of sympathy for them. They can always quit, go back to a university, and become a Walmart greeter.

When I go in to such a store, I want to deal with a professional rep. I don't care if you just finished dealing with Satan and his spawns or a soccer mom with her gaggle of hellions, just don't take it out on me. Smile, answer my questions politely, don't answer the phone or text while you're serving me, and then say, "Thank you." And say it like you mean it. Failure to do so will cause me to put the name I see on your nametag on my voodoo doll and kick it around my jagged-rock-and-broken-glass garden.

Weekly Rant - Video Game Store Clerks

These "abused" clerks often target their frustration at innocent or non-threatening customers. Polite people often bear the brunt of their cowardly misdirected anger, since they are too scared to confront the offending source directly. It's a vicious cycle, because then I go home and think about ways to destroy your life.

Other than the surly clerk, there are plenty of other personality disorders to contend with in a video game store. As soon as I mention I'm a game reviewer, it's amazing how many employees want to discuss their reviews of certain games. I do believe everyone is entitled to his or her opinions, but I actually get paid for mine. Don't give yours away for free. Not only do I not care to hear it, but it makes you look desperate. Keep in mind the people that appear to be listening to your opinion are only just waiting for their change that you are either subconsciously or purposefully withholding.

There's always a video game store clerk that has beta-tested for a well-known developer. These clerks, or liars as I like to call them, began their career in their mid-teens, and for whatever reason, they always appear to have lost interest in it. These liars have all worked for Rockstar, Square Enix, and E.A. Not one of them has ever admitted to working for companies such as LJN, Active, or that rag-tag gang of guys from the Ukraine.

Then there's the condescending know-it-all. He will actually show contempt for your apparent interest in a game he doesn't care for. Here's a guy who believes he's so valuable to the industry, he's willing to work at the mall for minimum wage. He would rather scorn your tastes in an attempt to educate and ridicule you than earn millions producing blockbuster video games.

Weekly Rant - Video Game Store Clerks

And let's not forget the guy who needs a job but knows bugger all about video games. He's usually shy. Combined with his lack of knowledge of the industry, he appears completely stupid. And in such a circumstance, he is. His soft voice and eye-contact avoidance are indications that he doesn't want to help you—because he can't.

I know there are great video game store clerks out there. And one day I will locate one.

By Cole Smith
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

*The views expressed within this article are solely the opinion of the author and do not express the views held by Cheat Code Central.*

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