Weekly Rant - Hackers

Weekly Rant - Hackers

This goes out to the hackers who caused the shutdown of the online Sony PlayStation gaming network: I am sure I speak for a huge audience when I say that we would love to hunt you down and hack at you.

Now, I don't mean I want to hack these people to death with an axe (a scenario that was surprisingly difficult to dispel from my imagination), but to metaphorically hack at their subversive attitude with reason and intellect. Then, if all else fails, bring out the chainsaw.

Weekly Rant - Hackers

Hackers are nothing short of e-terrorists. These cowardly, misguided, socially retarded miscreants take perverse delight in online anarchy. They erringly believe their skills are superhuman, and they attempt to impress the world with the chaos they are capable of stirring up by targeting popular and/or sensitive websites. This is the hillbilly equivalent of shooting a defenseless squirrel with a newly acquired Walmart rifle. Leave things the hell alone. I'm going to let you in on a big secret: an intelligent person has the power of restraint—that same restraint that will keep me from wiping pieces of you from the teeth of my chainsaw.

Then there's the criminal hacker that operates on a different level. For this type, hacking isn't ego grandstanding; it's business. These guys have a different motivation: money. But that motivation is aligned with greed, and repetition increases the chances of getting caught. The criminal element must be reminded that the best of the best work for the good side.

It's one thing to have my online gaming shut down for an indeterminate period, but it's another thing to have my credit card information stolen.

The PlayStation Network was hacked. Private information, like credit card numbers and bank account information, was compromised. As a result, gamers worldwide have been unable to play online. Sony is in the process of upgrading the security of the network, but as of this writing, the system is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks away from being restored. Sony hasn't exactly been a fountain of information on their progress. Although the problem wasn't Sony's doing, those who run the company have to realize the consumer is frustrated and doesn't really care who is at fault. Customers will turn on Sony if they feel left in the dark. Sony needs to communicate to its customers. Give us some concrete updates. Tell us where you're at. "A few more days," just doesn't cut it. Fire your communications department and hire a crack mercenary squad to locate and bring these hackers to justice.

Weekly Rant - Hackers

I would gladly pay a small "administration" fee to finance such an operation, as long as I could confront the guilty hackers personally and try to talk some sense into them. Of course I'll bring my chainsaw along, just in case.

By Cole Smith
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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