Weekly Rant - Movie Games

Weekly Rant - Movie Games

If there's one category of video games certain to contribute to the fall of the gaming industry, it's movie games. Those awful games designed to cash in on potential motion picture blockbusters. These movies take years and years to produce, from the creation of the original screenplay to the last edit of the director's cut. Then, a video game based on the movie is thrown together in three months by a team of nerds working in a broom closet.

Sometimes these movies flop, but more often, the accompanying video game can be guaranteed to be a piece of crap. Okay, there's GoldenEye 007, but that was released two years after the movie, and it was developed by a team that actually cared.

Weekly Rant - Movie Games

It's obvious most of the companies that produce these kinds of games don't care about anything other than turning a huge profit for the least amount of effort. What's worse is that idiots will still buy them, even after they've been warned how terrible the game is. Blind devotion to all things Harry Potter will eventually lead to bankruptcy. These companies know your weakness and will exploit it mercilessly. I'm talking to you! Feel free to substitute Harry Potter for Iron Man, High School Musical, E.T., Superman, or all things Disney.


The two main problems faced by these movie-based games are time and money. Money is time and time is money and both are in short supply in this industry. These games are little more than a knock-off of the movie. Most of them don't even feature the actual stars voicing the characters. The cutscenes are typically atrocious, with one-dimensional backgrounds and stiff and choppy animation – even when the movie it's based on is an animated movie, in which the animation is amazing, it's never so in the game.

Do you wonder why these games don't feature the same actors, the same animation, and the same musical performances as the movie? It's because the producers, actors, artists, and musicians involved in the movie don't want to be associated with the subsequent mess that passes for a video game. There are exceptions as some are contractually obligated into it, especially if the movie studio is involved in the production of the game. Are you listening to me, Universal?

Weekly Rant - Movie Games

And then there's the issue of video games being made into movies! But you'll have to wait for the sequel.

By Cole Smith
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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