Weekly Rant – Online Glitching & You Suck

Weekly Rant – Online Glitching & You Suck

Cheaters suck.

I know that's not exactly breaking news, but it bears repeating every now and again.

In any aspect of life, nobody likes a cheater. It's why we look back at once-revered athletes such as Mark McGwire or Marion Jones with a now-skeptical eye. It's why stories of celebrity infidelity, such as the recent kerfuffle between actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, send the TMZs of the world into an endless frenzy. It's also why I don't really talk to one of my ex-girlfriends any more, but we don't have to get into that here.

Likewise, when it comes to video games, the very thought of a cheater stirs up massive amounts of disdain in the hearts and minds of players worldwide. To cheat, it is often said, is to undermine the spirit of rules and fair competition, and to betray the concept of "the game" altogether.

Weekly Rant – Online Glitching & You Suck

Obviously, we here at Cheat Code Central don't have much of a problem with you using single-player codes or other harmless cheats that are only employed in the name of fun. But online cheaters, or "glitchers," appear to be an especially dangerous problem to today's multiplaying gamer, if only because their anonymity allows them to get away with their unsportsmanlike behavior more often than they should.

While many online hackers genuinely mean no malice towards their fellow players, only doing what they do in the spirit of curiosity and learning just how their tech works, there are always going to be a few folks that simply take things a bit farther than what is accepted.

So, to help remedy this dilemma, we've compiled a quick and dirty guide on the ways of the modern online glitcher in order to help you more easily spot one in the future. Here are some of the more common forms of cheating these ne'er-do-wells use.

The Lag Switch

You've probably heard many of your fellow gamers cry foul and cite this popular cheating mechanism before. The lag switch is a device hooked up to a home network that causes delays, or artificial lag, in the flow of local Internet data. By disrupting the network's communication at their own discretion, these cheaters are able to slow your character down, or stop it entirely, while they continue to move freely. If you notice one particular player consistently stuttering or freezing on the screen, but still racking up the kills, you may have a lag switcher on your hands.

The Aimbot

The aimbot is a fairly complex piece of video game expert system software that effectively takes the data from a given game and allows the computer to aim, and sometimes shoot, for a player. Not to be confused with simple "auto-aim" or "aiming assist," the aimbot comes in various forms, and can be easily spotted if the cheater doesn't employ it effectively, especially in multiplayer games with "killcams." In general, be wary of aimbots if you see a particular player making absurdly fast turns with an unrealistic amount of precision and speed.

Weekly Rant – Online Glitching & You Suck

The Wallhack

Just as its name would suggest, this hack allows players to manipulate the textures of a game's environment. Like the aimbot, the wallhack can come in various forms, letting players see through, shoot through, or even walk through walls in a given game, among other forms. Popularly used in first-person shooters like Counter-Strike, wallhacks can be recognized if a player is frequently killing players without ever moving from one spot (often referred to as "opk," or One Place Killing), or if he/she is getting suspiciously good jumps on enemies' movements over the course of the game.