What's The Big Idea?

What's The Big Idea?

Video games are based on anything you can imagine, and many things I'm sure you can't imagine, such as Super Pii Pii Brothers, which uses the Wii controller in such a way as to allow women to experience what it's like to urinate while standing. And I'm not making that up!

There are plenty of crazy games out there, and maybe one day I'll do an article on them, including Facening for Rich Expressions to Boost Impressions: Adult DS Face Training. Its purpose is to "scientifically" train woman to make their faces appear more attractive by mimicking a variety of expressions. And then there's the arcade game where you spank a fake, life-size bum. And I am still not making any of this up.

Most "wacked-out" games stand little chance of mainstream success. They lack the budget, depth, and appeal of a blockbuster. Still, these kinds of games are necessary to satiate alternative gamers, those looking for novelty. They also serve to inspire, and occasionally even become a cult hit.

Where do these ideas come from?

What's The Big Idea?

Games have been inspired by movies, TV shows, comics, novels, dreams, nightmares, songs, and, of course, other video games. Plagiarism can be avoided by changing the content at least ten percent. That would explain similarities such as those between Dante's Inferno and God of War, or Ms. Pac-Man and Honey Boo Boo's mom. (I'm sorry about the frequent references to Honey Boo Boo's mom, but I'm not going to stop until she agrees to marry me.)

An idea is a seed, but it needs water, sunlight, board meetings, screaming matches, infringement lawsuits, and lots of alcohol abuse to reach fruition. It's a painful process. Ideas are dangerous, due to the work they create.

Anyone can have an idea.

What's The Big Idea?

Creativity can be simulated and/or stimulated with formulas. Combining a couple of items from the field of your choice can result in some new creations. For instance, if you want to invent a new food, just keep jamming food-related works together until you get something interesting like Mac & Cheese pizza or chocolate-covered fried onions and ice cream (both of which I have made, by the way). Or combine a few random words and come up with a name for a rock band such as Chimney Snakes or The Expedient Filibusters. All you need to get started is a dictionary.

Once you come up with what you think is a good idea, convince others it's a great idea and allow them the privilege of working on it to make it a reality. Now that, my friend, is an excellent idea. Get to work on it.

Cole Smith
Contributing Writer
Date: September 21, 2012

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