Why You Shouldn't - Buy Plastic Wii Controller Peripherals!

Why You Shouldn't - Buy Plastic Wii Controller Peripherals!

2. The Market Is Flooded

As much as I am annoyed by the presence of Wii peripherals, these oversized plastic cases are extremely popular. I couldn't tell you why specifically, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with those "casual" adopters you hear so much about on TV. And because of their popularity, an unfortunate market has cropped up. I'll call it the knock-off of the knock-off market. You see, if a golf-club peripheral is successful, then a month later, you'll see twenty knock-offs of the golf club Wii-Mote holder show up in stores. And they'll have slightly different names, like the power putter, golff klub, or something else with ridiculous spelling.

Why You Shouldn't - Buy Plastic Wii Controller Peripherals!

1. You Like Your Closet Space

Let's just say for a moment that you feel like plastic controller extensions are the best thing in the world, and you just can't play WiiSports without them. Because these plastic peripherals have become so specific to their intended game, you will end up under piles of plastic if you attempt to get peripherals for all your games. And if you're like me, there's just no more room in your closet. After you push aside your Rock Band instruments, DJ Hero turntable, WiiFit Board, and DDR dance mats, will you really have enough room for all that plastic? If so, do you have some space I can rent, cause my closet is full up, and I need a place to put my shoes.


Plastic controller peripherals are probably the most deserving recipient of hate to ever grace a WYS column. But love them or hate them, they're popular. And you know what else is ridiculously popular? The iPad. Check back next week for Why You Shouldn't Buy: An iPad!

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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