Why You Shouldn't - Buy the PlayStation Move!

Why You Shouldn't - Buy the PlayStation Move!

2. You Like Third-Party Games

As of this writing (April 2011) there are fifty-four games that are compatible with the PlayStation Move. Thirty of these games were developed in-house at Sony. Franchises like SOCOM, Killzone, MLB: The Show, LittleBigPlanet, and Echochrome all have Move support in some form, but if you are looking at non-Sony games with Move support, the list gets a little thin. Let's see, there's Top Spin 4, Grand Slam Tennis, and…Get Fit with Mel B.? Doesn't exactly sound like a winning third-party lineup to me.

Why You Shouldn't - Buy the PlayStation Move!

1. The Future Is Full Of Wii Games

Though it is difficult to look into a crystal ball (a la Michael Pachter) and divine the future of a video game console, the writing looks like it is on the wall for the PlayStation Move. It wants to be the next Wii! The PlayStation Move wand looks conspicuously like a Wii-Mote, and the peripheral has already received several Move versions of existing Wii games, such as the Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, Dead Space: Extraction, and multiplatform darlings like De Blob 2. However, it looks like even more Wii-Makes are in the pipeline, as games like No More Heroes are headed to the platform, and cult hit MadWorld has been also heavily rumored to be coming to the PS3 with Move functionality. With all these Wii-Makes coming to the PS3, is the Move really worth it if much of the non-Sony lineup has already been on the Wii?

Though the PlayStation Move certainly does offer compelling content developed in-house by Sony, the high overhead cost of the Move, coupled with some questionable add-on content as well as lackluster third-party offerings makes the move something you should think twice about before buying.

Since we've already talked about why you shouldn't buy a Wii, next week we'll look at why you shouldn't buy all the little plastic peripherals that have become synonymous with Wii ownership. See you next week!

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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