Why You Shouldn't - Trade in Video Games!!

Why You Shouldn't - Trade in Video Games!!

2. DLC Could Make your Old Games Re-Playable.

In the old days (about five years ago), when you were finished with a game, you were done. However, in today's DLC-filled landscape, after the credits roll you still may have hours of content ahead of you. Take games like Fallout New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. All three of these games were released last year, and all have received DLC in the past few months. Games have a much longer shelf-life now. If you buy a game, beat it over a weekend and trade it in the following weekend, you're most likely short-changing yourself. Though you could trade it in and take your measly $15, you could hang on to your game and instead invest $15 in getting several hours of bonus content. If you liked the game enough to spend the initial $60 on it, it doesn't seem like a bad deal to extend the experience with DLC instead of trading it in early just to get a small amount of money back.

Why You Shouldn't - Trade in Video Games!!

1. Used Games Become More Worthless Every Day.

In the last generation of console gaming, used games sort of made sense. It was before companies like THQ and EA required you to purchase online passes to "unlock" used games. It was before the vast majority of game sequels were released in 12- and 18-month turnaround times. And it was before the age of the aforementioned DLC add-ons. Gamers have less incentive to buy used games than ever, which means those who trade in games will see less and less money received from their transactions. Last console generation, a $35 used game was basically the same as a $40 new one, just with less shrink-wrap. But with all these new developments, a $55 used game is no longer the same as a new $60 game. As more gamers opt for new over used, retailers won't be as interested in purchasing back old games, and trade-ins might just become a thing of the past.

Trading in games is a practice that is almost as old as gaming itself. However, considering some of the recent developments in the industry, you might want to look at that practice with a critical eye. Tune in next week for why you shouldn't: play online with people you don't know!

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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