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Wii Channels article

As far the Comic Shop News Channel….why not? There are many successful video game titles in recent years tied to comic books as a whole, not to mention the movies that have torn through the box office that inspire video games. Now I have to acknowledge those of you thinking most of those games are not even good would be mostly right. But with cataclysmic events shaking the comic book industries big two, Marvel and DC, to their core with such titles as - Civil War and 52, respectively, the Comic Shop News Channel would bring such events to light for video game players that do not have their gamers' thumbs firmly clenched around the edges of a comic already. The channel would also have preview pages of coming comics and maybe even an in-depth interview with some of the industries talent giants. The channel could also be updated daily since there usually is not a day that goes by that something interesting does not happen in comics. In addition to the onslaught of news and previews of comics, players would also be able to use some of their Wii points to download the latest issue of Spider-man, or any other available title, for them to enjoy, since there are a lot of places that don't have a comic book shop or anywhere that harbors these literary gems.


The Health and Fitness Channel would be a different breed of player interaction and would be much like Wii Sports with its daily Fitness test that your Mii can take. The Fitness Channel would expand on the cardiovascular workout you get with Wii Sports and provide tips on how to work out, although not in the traditional sense. If you are at home playing your Wii, then you probably are not going to be at the gym. So instead of detailed instruction on how to build yourself up to lifting 95 lbs, it would instruct you on how to improve your physique using regular house hold items, such as taking a tennis ball attached to a string around your ankle to build stamina in your leg muscles. Another use of the channel would be to schedule a fitness planner for the less than devoted individuals to be reminded of when they turn on their Wii. The fitness channel could also have nutritional guidelines and assistance. Exploring the Food Pyramid, planning meals, counting/computing calories, or helping with special needs diets, such as diabetics, are all things that could be done on the Health and Fitness Channel.

Wii Channels article

All in all, the Wii has limitless possibilities that Nintendo can explore. By using the feedback of the growing fanbase they have the Wii could very well become the largest fan supportive console in the history of gaming.

Music Channel, by Cole Smith, Freelance Writer  

My idea for a Wii channel would be the Wii Music Channel. It should exclusively feature video game music, not just the happy arcade pop from the Nintendo library, but also some of the lush, orchestral, ambient music found in some classic PC games such as from the Star Wars series, or the moody soundtrack of games such as Anarchy Online.

The channel could also feature bands doing their interpretations of video games songs, in addition to house, acid and hip hop tunes that include video game sound effects and voiceover clips. A sound effects library could be accessed by the Wii remote, and a beat established by moving it to a specific beat, so that gamers could create their own remixes and such. This would give creative people another outlet - something else to play with in their favorite video game.

Wii Channels article

Game Preview Channel, by Matthew Au, Freelance Writer  

Nintendo has been taking a unique, but somewhat odd approach to the Wii Channels. The News, Picture, Weather, Internet and Everyone Votes Channels are ultimately pointless. Why load up the News Channel when there's plenty to watch on TV? Or why choose the slower and less intuitive Wii to browse the internet when surely you are only a room away from a computer? The point here is that as mildly entertaining and innovative they are, most Wii Channels are, at best, short distractions to show off to people (Hey look! I can find out the weather in Paris!).

The Wii has already established itself as a new landmark in gaming, and it only makes sense that the Wii Channels should establish and elaborate on that notion. The Shopping Channel, for example, is a great starting point, but they can even take this a step farther. This is why I suggest Nintendo create a "Game Preview Channel." For Nintendo, it is a marketer's dream to have the exact target audience already laid out in front of them, and in return, I'd hope to see such things in the channel such as exclusive video previews, first-hand knowledge and pictures of upcoming titles and products, and perhaps even short playable demos if feasible. Of course, even with the channel, I would still have to go to CheatCC to get the full preview experience.

Wii Channels article

Demo Channel, by Philip Hanan, Freelance Writer  

The Nintendo Wii needs a major function that both the 360 has and the PS3. They both share a great demo system which killed OPM and makes OXM pointless unless you lack broadband internet service. It's about time that gamers get a chance to test Wii games via a Demo Channel. I believe that both Nintendo and 3rd party publishers should release demos one month ahead of their launch date in order to help attract customers. I don't know if the 4 GB card is large enough to hold very many demos, but if Nintendo develops a larger SD card, then they need to launch this channel.

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