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Wii Channels

Wii Channels article

Also, Nintendo needs to keep their word by launching wireless DS demo downloads. Gamers could play the demos after download or maybe Nintendo could develop a memory unit for the DS so demos can be saved. Unfortunately, even with a Demo Channel, Nintendo couldn't quite match the service of Xbox Live and the Sony Store, so they would need to add a Video Channel.

These two channels would help add a full entertainment package to the Wii and would make the Wii a better competitor against the Xbox and the PS3, both of which attract older audiences looking for entertainment other than just games.

Wii Channels article

Wii-Space, by Jonathan Marx, Freelance Writer  

Due to the unrivaled popularity of MySpace with American youth, Nintendo should probably release a Wii Community channel that can be personalized. Wii owners would create their own space and be able to make a statement within the Nintendo community. It would be great if Wii owners could upload their personal photos and favorite music from their memory cards. They may also be able to write a bit about themselves and their interests. Pages should include the owners' Miis along with all of their gaming stats.


How sweet would it be if you could include all of your Mii creations and trade them with your friends? It would be imperative for the community channel to have an internet matching service for online gameplay. Nintendo has been in desperate need of an online presence and this could be the perfect opportunity for them. I think it would be a good idea to be able to add widgets to your page that were from the other channels such as the Wii Vote, News, or weather channels or even Google or Yahoo widgets. It would be a great way to stay connected. A personalized webpage seems to be a perfect fit for Wii users and would go a long way to giving Nintendo the online component they so urgently need while still distinguishing themselves from the competition.

Wii Channels article

"WiiDS" and Scoreboard Channel, by Adam Brown, Freelance Writer  

When Nintendo announced that the Wii would use friend codes for its online multiplayer, many fans were understandably upset. This was virtually the same cumbersome system that has hampered the DS's otherwise excellent Wi-Fi gaming. While getting online gameplay to work well seems to elude Nintendo, their online endeavors are not completely in vain. The Wii is currently host to several Wii Channels that let their owners experience the positive side of Nintendo's online plans. While the channels that are currently available are great, the potential for new channels is even greater.

The two main channels that I would like to see on the Wii would be a demo channel and a scoreboard channel. Both of these channels are fairly self-explanatory. The demo channel would consist of playable and video demos that could be downloaded or streamed, respectively. This would allow companies to garner interest in their upcoming games by allowing players to try them out before they buy them. The channel shouldn't just be limited to the Wii either; it should include DS demos as well. This could effectively turn your Wii into a DS download station in your living room. With the worldwide success of the DS and the ever-increasing number of Wii consoles making their way into people's homes, this channel could be a great way to help push software sales for both systems. Since Nintendo changed the name of its console from Revolution to Wii, partially because of the name's marketing potential, I would name this the "WiiDS" channel. While I know this is a fairly cheesy play on words, it would seem appropriate for a channel that would have game demos constantly popping up like weeds.

Wii Channels article

While Nintendo has historically lead the way with many of the industry's advancements, they are clearly lagging behind in the online department. This is one instance where I wish that Nintendo would just follow Microsoft's lead. This brings me to the second channel that I would like on the Wii. A scoreboard channel could really inspire people to play games longer and more fully. Effectively, this channel would have pages for each Wii game. On these pages, high scores and special achievements could be displayed. We have all seen how this has taken off and how well it has worked on the Xbox 360. Achievements and online leaderboards are an enjoyable part of gaming and are definitely something that I think should become the standard in the industry.

Wii Channels article

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