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What to do with the Wii?

Wii-mote Possibilities article

Nintendo's Wii is the one the most innovative systems to ever be released. The idea of motion sensing controls has been contemplated for a while, and even attempted (remember the NES Power Glove?), but the Wii is the first time that anyone has actually successfully marketed the motion sensing. We love the idea of the Wii and we love the possibilities that Nintendo has created with their insanely popular new system, but we do have our own ideas on how to keep the motion sensing fresh…

Wii-mote Possibilities article

D'Marcus Beatty, Co-Site Director:

I have never been fond of Quick Time Events in any form. I don't hate them, but I don't feel as if they require much skill. On one hand, fighting games generally require a bit of strategy, timing, and skill. RTS games require strategy, resourcefulness, and intelligence. Action games require quick hands and reflexes. Quick Time Events generally just require a person to memorize a button's location. There is some reflex speed involved, but for the most part, you have to have the locations of the buttons memorized. While that isn't a problem for me (or most hardcore gamers), I still don't think that knowing the location of a button should make or break gameplay. While some may argue that knowing buttons is all there is to videogames, a person can master a game without knowing what the button is titled. Most hardcore gamers never glance down at their controllers, but may know the position of the necessary button without knowing whether there is an x, circle, or an a on it. After practice, knowing what button to press becomes second nature. Quick Time Events, by their very nature, just aren't intuitive.

With that said, I believe that the Wii could introduce a new type of QTE that corresponds to actual movement and not just the pressing of a button. Like some of the microgames in WarioWare, the Wii-mote could effectively replace the QTEs that have plagued our games since Shenmue, popping up in games like God of War, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and even Kingdom Hearts 2. Resident Evil 4 had a number of QTEs, like the moments where Leon had to flee from a rolling boulder. To escape the boulder, the player could pump their hands like they were running, much like the WarioWare microgame. Jumping over obstacles could be executed with a swift up flick of the Wii-mote and ducking under obstacles could be done with a downward flick. While these motions have been used in Wii-games before, they haven't been done in a QTE -type game and are much more intuitive than having to respond to those obnoxious button prompts on the game screen.

Wii-mote Possibilities article

Maria Montoro, Co-Site Director

The Wii has really changed my gaming habits. I still use all the other consoles, but the fact that a game was designed for the Wii makes it more appealing to me. This means two things: I'm enjoying this new gaming experience and I'm hoping to see even more innovation in the way the new controls are used.

It seems to me that third party developers didn't quite get the hang of it yet. Nintendo titles seem to use the Wii-mote in very innovative ways and they all seem to work well, whereas some of the third party games I've tried don't work as smoothly. This is probably due to the fact that Nintendo had much more time to experiment with the Wii-mote. This will probably change in the future. I think a year from now, the Wii will have a lot more solid titles that will be a blast to play and will enhance our gaming way of life.

I would love to see a better handling of the sword in adventure or fighting games and high-quality graphics that can actually compete with the other next generation systems. We all know that the Wii can't handle the graphics of the Xbox 360 or the PS3, but com'on! The Wii can output at least as good of graphics as the original Xbox! They better prove it before it's too late!

Wii-mote Possibilities article

As far as new ideas goes, I think a new fitness or dancing game would be a success. Many people would feel more motivated to exercise. We could use the Wii-mote and nunchuck for arm movement and two extra wireless attachments strapped to the legs. Maybe the same could be used for fighting games, as long as we're capable of keeping plenty of space around us in our living rooms, otherwise we would cause a mess!

Since the Wii was created for everybody, including moms, dads, and grandparents, using the Wii for educational purposes could be really positive too, and would change the mind-set of many towards video games. Imagine, for example, learning how to fix a car with a "car-repair" simulation game. We have already seen a similar concept in Trauma Center: Second Opinion, even though the surgery procedures are not exactly true-to-life. - Bring the Wii to the classroom!

Philip Hanan, Freelancer Writer

I believe the Wii-Mote still isn't being used to its fullest extent, yet. There are some solid possibilities for new game ideas and some great ways to take old Nintendo game series and improve them.

For example, "It's a remote, people!" Where is Pokemon Channel 2? Shouldn't that have launched with the Wii? Also, there's not a single game I know of that uses the Wii-Mote's multiple movements all at the same time in a game. Take Wave Race; If there was a Wii sequel, you could turn by tilting the remote and you could push forward or back with the Wii-Mote to push the front steering section. By pushing, you could perform lots of great aerials by hanging onto the steering section and by turning the remote, you could spin around. Of course, some of you might twist and turn the Wii-Mote out of your hands and into a T.V., since you couldn't use a wrist strap with the game.

Wii-mote Possibilities article

Another possibility is the combination of Wii-Motes for one player. For example, if Nintendo featured Velcro wrist straps, you could strap one Wii-Mote to each wrist and box without an analog stick and without having to hold the Wii-Mote. Maybe EA would consider this in the future. Maybe even Namco would consider true 3D movement by making a Taiko Drum Master 2 in which you could drum in free space with 2 Wii-Motes.

If we have something as great as the Wii, why should we limit our selves to simple 1 step movements? I say bring on true 3D realism and action! Let's drum, steer, conduct, row boats, and more with the power of the future!

Matthew Au, Freelance Writer

Years ago, I remember playing my Super Nintendo for hours on end. It wasn't Super Metroid or Zelda: A Link to the Past, rather it was Mario Paint. With SNES mouse in hand, I would be perfectly content with not killing evil villains and saving the world, instead drawing pretty pictures of sunsets and kittens. More specifically though, there was one gem within Mario Paint that I think would be an amazing addition to the already innovative palate of games for the Wii. This was the ability to create simple but legitimate short animations. With the Super Nintendo and peripheral mouse, creating animations were surprisingly easy as well as immensely enjoyable to be able to watch the fruits of your labor. Imagine now, three generations later, with the power the Wii can provide along with the innovative Wii-mote. The click and drag functionality of the Wii-mote is no more complicated than using a mouse, thus, incorporate the old familiar gang of Nintendo franchise characters and sprites, and you can create short tales of adventure without the complexities of such animation tools as Flash MX.

Wii-mote Possibilities article

Matthew Walker, Freelance Writer

I think only the Wii-mote could be used to make the best combination between gaming and music. Two words - Drum Hero. Given that Guitar Hero has successfully made almost everyone a guitar legend, I think now would be a good time to let the inner drummer out in all of us. What better way to do that, than by actually making you sweat out the same energy you would use playing the drums? Start out with an irresistible song list with titles like Metallica's "Where Ever I May Roam" and Avenged Sevenfold's "Beast and the Harlot" and you have the same draw that made Guitar Hero a household name. The Nintendo Wii is the only system that could bring us this title without the extra peripheral cost.

Using the Wii-mote and the Nunchuk as your drumsticks, you would have to keep beat with the song. Pressing the trigger buttons and striking the air in unison to match color-coded drumbeats, you would be able to rock out in true air-drum fashion. Throw in a free play option for the aspiring drummer and you have got yourself a title that everyone would enjoy. As an add-on, the game could come packaged with a wireless foot pedal to add the bass effect.

Wii-mote Possibilities article

Drum Hero has a nice ring to it and would give every aspiring drummer the chance to be a drum legend in the same fashion Guitar Hero has made us all guitar legends. Given the sleek design of the Wii-mote, I am surprised we have not heard of such a title in the works already. Who knows, maybe the powers that be at Nintendo might grant the wishes of all of the would-be drummers of the world?

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