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What to do with the Wii?

Wii-mote Possibilities article

Jacob Joel Hullett, Freelance Writer:

Let's face it; the Wii is a blast to play. So, what can be done to enhance this already dynamite package? Nintendo took a big step when they developed the Wii-mote technology, but there is a lot more to be explored. The Wii is most interactive with the gamer when a sports or fighting game is being played in such a way that punches must be thrown in order for the character on screen to punch and the gamer must dodge in order for the character to dodge in the desired direction . The action adventure/fantasy games show us the most clever use of the Wii-mote such as; the fishing on The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, the grabbing and throwing on Elebits, and the interactive play of Rayman Ravaging Rabbids. A great leap forward for the gaming industry, especially for Nintendo, would be to adopt the use of multiple sensor bars and receivers. This way, in its most extreme form, an entire room could be capable of picking up any movement made by the gamer and with special helmets or multiple screens in a room, the player would run inside of a 3-D world. This concept could change the idea of the word "game room".

Wii-mote Possibilities article

If Nintendo could develop a more highly sensitive Wii-mote and adaptors that would allow multiple sensor bars to be plug into one unit, the possibilities could be endless. Not only would this be a great technological step forward for Nintendo, but I guarantee it would make Nintendo a GREAT deal of money, since the Holy Grail of home entertainment devices is to put the gamer into the action. This would be the closest attempt possible without actually going Willy-Wonka style and shrinking us into the television. Just imagine, after ten years we may be able to put on suits that are registered sensors and the receivers which surround the gamer in his/her room. Any movement you make would be picked up and transferred by the sensor bars. This technology is not impossible, and if Nintendo could incorporate this idea into the Wii, it is not too far off. So the next big step Nintendo needs to make I order to enhance the gaming experience would be to make it possible to adapt multiple sensor bars and develop a more sensitive Wii-mote, put it out for sale as a package, and create games that surround you as you play, making a wider variety of movements possible. With the multiple sensors and sensor bars and a clever use of Wii-mote as a pair gloves, shin-pads or anywhere else a Wii-mote could be placed on the body for interactive play, games like Mortal Kombat or Fight Night could be developed for Wii-mote interactive play only, making it entirely possible to kick how the player kicks and have reactions like the players reactions. All in all, the Wii-mote is a direct step towards this one dream all gamers have, to be put inside of the game. If this were to be developed, no longer would there be a Mario or a Link; there would be individuals who look like Mario or Link on screen, but act like themselves in physical movement.


Amanda L. Kondolojy, Freelance Writer:

There are two genres that the Wii has yet to cover in terms of game genres that I would like to see. The first is RPGs and the second is fighting games.

I would really love to see a good RPG for the Wii. We've seen Nintendo's ability to manipulate the RPG format to its Nintendo DS system, so why not the Wii? The motion sensing would make menu selection a breeze, and could enhance power attacks by requiring special movement, rather than the traditional button-mash. RPGs are becoming more and more of a staple in the gaming community, so it would be a shame if Nintendo doesn't develop this concept further.

As far as fighting games go, I know Super Smash Brothers: Brawl is due out soon, but early reports seem to indicate that it doesn't use the motion sensing capacity of the Wii to its fullest capabilities. I can only hope that these reports are wrong. There's so much potential here, especially in the beat-em-up genre. Imagine translating a punch in real life to a punch on the screen. Imagine grappling the air with the nunchuk and Wii remote and watching your character throw the competition down. Wouldn't that just be awesome? I think so.

Wii-mote Possibilities article

Mike Wagner, Freelance Writer:

Another idea would be a conductor game. With games like Guitar Hero, why not have an interactive game where you can conduct a symphony or something like Mad Maestro? With the remote you could move like a conductor and I think that level of interaction would appeal to people like the Wii has.

The Wii needs more games that would expand on using the Wii-mote. We already have baseball, bowling, golf, tennis, so Nintendo should have games for Hockey.

Hockey would be great since you could swing to hit the puck. The harder you swing, the faster the puck would go. And with its sensitivity you could also get high sticking calls, which would add a greater challenge.

Just like in hockey where players can get into fights with their opponents, you could do the same by punching with the Wii-mote (similar to the boxing game on Wii Sports). You could move and check your opponents by using the nunchuk.

Wii-mote Possibilities article

Many companies could easily get in on making this type of game. 2k Games, EA, Nintendo, could make this game. But it would be excellent if Konami or Midway made a hockey game, maybe bringing back Blades of Steel or NHL Hitz respectively.

Another great idea would be another Star Wars game by LucasArts. It would be cool if you could use the Wii-mote like a lightsaber. You swing the lightsaber in all sorts of directions and deflect blaster bolts and even throw it. And if Bioware decided to once again help make the game (the same company that helped make the successful Knights of the Old Republic games for X-Box and PC), then it would be huge success. Plus it would have an excellent story with lots of characters.

Adam Brown, Freelancer Writer

Nintendo's Wii-mote has opened up many new ways to play games that were previously impossible to achieve. While several developers, mostly Nintendo themselves, have done a good job of exploring these new possibilities, there are still some that haven't been fully realized. While playing WarioWare Smooth Moves' dancing boss battle, I couldn't help but think about this as an entire game. Imagine matching on-screen steps on a DDR pad while also matching arm motions with the Wii-mote and nunchuk. It seems like the Wii could be a dancing game fan's dream console.

Another potential use of the Wii-mote that hasn't been fully realized is how it could be used in a sword-fighting game. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Red Steel were both games that involved swordplay but neither got it completely right. Twilight Princess's swordplay relied on slight shakes of the Wii-mote while Red Steel's sword combat was just a complete mess. I would like to play a game that fully realizes the Wii-mote's ability to act as a virtual sword. This game's sword should react one-to-one with the player's movement of the Wii-mote. Giving the player full control of an on-screen sword in a game based around melee weapon based combat could be incredibly satisfying. Here's hoping that Lucas Arts implements one-to-one movement into their announced lightsaber combat game.

Wii-mote Possibilities article


Ultimately, it is up to the developers to keep the Wii and the Wii-mote fresh. The Wii has many more years ahead of it, which gives the developers a lot of time to come up with some truly unique applications of the Wii-mote. The potential is definitely there, and we've seen it tapped with games like WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Rayman: Raving Rabbids, but we've also seen it done badly in a number of games, even in the short time since the Wii has launched. Hopefully there are companies out there with some really innovative ideas, but until that day, Wii aficionados will be waiting for the next big game with Wii-mote and Nunchuk in hand.

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