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The Ultimate WiiWare Guide

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

By Amanda L. Kondolojy

April 20, 2008 - The Wii is finally getting its own original downloadable titles this May using its brand new WiiWare service! Here are all the titles we know about so far that are being released at launch...and beyond! Check back soon for more!

Last Flight
Developer: Nibris
Release: Q1 2009

Last Flight is a game that starts off sounding pretty boring. It challenges you to step into the shoes of a food critic on a plane. Yawn. However, while on said plane you meet a girl named Ana who reveals that her dad is a vampire who is going to wreak havoc on the plane. Awake! In what looks to be a cross between Red Eye, Snakes on a Plane, and Dracula, this title is definitely on my radar. The game will not be released in full immediately, however, and will use an episodic approach to the game.

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

Developer: Nintendo
Release: TBA

This title is still shrouded in mystery; it is one of several puzzle titles that Nintendo has in development for WiiWare. The game's concept has to do with dividing your playing field into thirds. There will be a circle third, a line third, and a square third. But the catch here is that whatever you do in one pane will affect the other panes. This title will probably make your mind sweat, but perhaps that is a good thing!

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

Minna de Puzzleloop
Develoer: Nintendo
Release: TBA

Remember Magnetica? Me neither, but supposedly Minna de Puzzleloop is supposed to be the Wii equivalent of this DS title. The premise relies on your ability to match like-colored magnetic orbs and pull and push them to your will. The game will feature support for up to four players to play competitively or cooperatively.

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

Okiraku Ping Pong
Developer: Arc System Works
Release: TBA

This title is probably one of the most straightforward for the WiiWare system and delivers exactly what you think it might: Ping Pong! The game will support two player competitive modes as well as a four-player doubles mode. There will also be a mini-game mode where you can unlock different items and modes.

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

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