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The Ultimate WiiWare Guide

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

By Amanda L. Kondolojy

Bruiser & Scratch in Case of the Puzzling Paw
Developer: Steel Penny Games
Release: TBA

Bruiser and Scratch is going to be a puzzle-platform game that gives you control of a dog and a cat who have a penchant for very large puzzles. The game promises challenging levels and a healthy dose of strategic gameplay thrown in for good measure. It's worth noting as well that several of the members of Steel Penny Games are Naughty Dog alumnus, so my guess is that there will be some pretty interesting tomfoolery in this title as well.

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

Star Soldier R
Developer: Hudson
Release: TBA

This title from Hudson will feature futuristic space shooting gameplay. And much like recent-hit Ikaruga, Star Soldier R will feature some extremely demanding gameplay that will be sure to please hardcore gamers. And for a system that is primarily known for targeting the casual sect, this is great news. Star Soldier R also features a pretty cool-sounding multiplayer destruction mode where you will have a set time limit, within which you must cause the most damage possible. Sounds promising!

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

World of Goo
Developer: 2D Boy
Release: Q3 2008

It may be hard to imagine, but World of Goo has already won some major awards….and it hasn't even come out yet! Already the winner of the Technical Excellence and Design Innovation awards at the Independent Game Festival, World of Goo is a physics-based puzzler that challenges you to utilize globs of goo with different connective properties to construct different structures to reach a certain target. This game looks like yet another that will challenge you to use your noodle!

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

Developer: Frontier Developments
Release: May 12, 2008

This game allows the player the unique opportunity to harness the power of the wind….literally! You play as a wind spirit charged with protecting a young boy. You'll be able to use everything from gentle breezes to tornadoes in this adventure, and it looks like one of the most promising WiiWare titles in terms of truly original gameplay thus far!

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

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