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The Ultimate WiiWare Guide

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

By Amanda L. Kondolojy

Title: Blue Oasis
Developer: Hudson
Release Date:TBA

Blue Oasis will be a fish tank simulation game that seems to appeal to fans of games like Insaniqarium and Fish Tycoon. You will be taking care of your fish, making sure they're fed and playing nicely with the other fish in your tank. It all sounds very peaceful, but speaking from experience, I know how these simulation games go: one minute everything is fine, and then the next thing you know the aliens are attacking and all your fish are dead! Oh yeah, I've been there...

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

Title: Spogs Racing
Developer: D2C Games
Release Date: TBA

This title is the only vehicle-based title currently in development for the WiiWare service, and it sure looks interesting! SPOGS has players taking control of one-wheeled vehicles in a quest to drive as dangerously as possible and crash into other vehicles. It sounds a lot like Burnout, but there will be a few very distinctive elements. You'll be able to steal parts from vehicles you drive close to and you'll also be able to do tricks with ramps and loops that are built into the tracks.

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

Title: Critter Round-Up
Developer: Konami
Release Date: TBA 2008

Here's a title for those who love animals! Critter Round-Up features a deceptively simple premise: you play as a farmer charged with building fences for the local livestock. But there are a few conditions: First of all, no livestock can be mixed. Second of all, fences must be designed to keep predators away. And that's it! The title has over 50 levels in its main Adventure mode, and will also have "endless" and multiplayer modes for those who just can't get enough fence-building!

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

Title: LIT
Developer: Wayforward Technologies
Release Date: TBA 2008

LIT is a horror title that has you playing primarily as Jake, an underachieveing high school student who has found himself in a scary situation. And no, I'm not talking about Health Class! His school has been overrun by evil creatures, and he is desperate to save his trapped girlfriend, Rachel, from these evil creatures. The game combines environmental puzzle-style gameplay with an action battle system. And there should be plenty of horror as well!

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide article

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