The Best World War Games Ever Made

The World Wars have been fought several times over in video game form. This has been especially true over the past decade, as we saw World War II pretty much become its own genre. While many of these games have been forgettable, a few live on in our memories as some of the most exceptional gaming experiences we've ever had.

We decided it was about time to celebrate the history of these games with a countdown of the Best World War Video Games Ever Made. We have thirteen timeless classics of strategy and combat, and we'll be unveiling a new one every day until we count down to the very best World War-based game there is.

Come back each day, as each new game on our countdown list will appear on the left. To start the whole thing off with a bang, instead of one game, we will unveil four on the first day. After that, we will kick off our one-per-day format until we reveal the game that tops our list.

So join us as we dive into the trenches, dogfight in painstakingly recreated biplanes, parachute into France on D-Day, Storm the beaches of Normandy, and even pilot submarines in our celebration of the greatest World War games ever made.

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