Why You Should: Be Playing Mobile Games!

Why You Should: Be Playing Mobile Games!

2. Big Franchises can Play Too

As much as we all love the odd puzzle game or one-off, as gamers, we like our franchises. And it looks like more and more are coming to the mobile platform. Series like Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Rock Band, Madden, and even Dead Space all have entries in the vast library of mobile games. Surprisingly, they're not all bad. Sure, you can't play though an entire Call of Duty campaign on a mobile platform (that would sort of defeat the purpose anyway) but if you want to play a quick match of Call of Duty Zombies (inspired by the über-popular mode from World at War), the mobile platform affords you that capability on the go. There are tons of franchise games that offer you a bite-sized amount of familiar play without giving you a console-like experience.

Why You Should: Be Playing Mobile Games!

1. Developers Are Jumping the Console Ship

I won't go as far as to say mobile gaming is the absolute future of the handheld market, but if you look at where development energy is going, it certainly seems that way. Developers like Rovio, Halfbrick Studios, and Zynga are raking in the dough, while publishers like EA, Square Enix, and Activision have mobile lineups that double or even triple what they have coming out on traditional handheld consoles. I don't think this means that companies are abandoning traditional handheld games, but as the focus shifts, I can't help but see that companies are embracing mobile platforms like never before.

The mobile platform was never really a contender in the handheld market until just a few years ago. Although Nintendo has dominated portable gaming for the past 25 years, even they seem rattled by the meteoric rise of the mobile platform. Will handheld consoles ever die out? It's possible, but unlikely. But mobile gaming is becoming its own force in the industry and shouldn't be ignored. And since the world of mobile gaming is so vast, there's bound to be something out there you like.

So stretch those thumbs and dive in to the world of mobile gaming.

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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