Why You Should: Not Buy A 3DS!

Why You Should: Not Buy A 3DS!

2. You Like Playing Portable Games Outside Your House

Portable gaming was made so you could play games outside your home, right? Well if you own a 3DS, it's unfortunately not that simple. When you have the 3D turned on, the battery life only lasts 3-4 hours, barely enough time for a single day on the commuter train. Sure, there are plenty of peripherals that you can buy that will extend the battery life, but you don't want to pay extra money for functionality that should already be included in the console. Though you can save battery life by turning down the screen brightness and the 3D feature, the battery life still only maxes out at about 6 hours, which is just shameful for a console that's meant to be played away from power outlets.

Why You Should: Not Buy A 3DS!

1. There Is Going to be a Better One Soon, Anyway

There's one thing that makes being a Nintendo fan absolutely awful: they always bring out better handhelds within months of each other. Sure, the 3DS looks sleek now, but wait a few months and there will be one that's lighter, brighter, and has battery life that doesn't suck. And then they'll have one that has a bigger screen, and then one that can go underwater, and so on. I can understand the trepidation behind not wanting to adopt Nintendo's handhelds early, and realistically, those who hesitate are probably the smarter people. Does anyone remember how much the original DS sucked in comparison to the DS Lite? I do. If you like how the 3DS looks now, and its features appeal to you, just hold off a few more months for the inevitable console re-release—you'll get all this, and more.


The 3DS is an impressive piece of portable hardware, to be sure. But it is far from perfect, and there are plenty of reasons why you should be hesitant to pull the trigger on a purchase this fall. Things like a lack of third-party games and abysmal battery life are certainly big deterrents that can keep even the biggest Nintendo fan away from this new console purchase.

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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