Why You Should: Be Excited for Tokyo Game Show 2011!

Why You Should: Be Excited for Tokyo Game Show 2011!

2. The 3DS Gets Saved

With Nintendo suddenly dropping the 3DS' price by $80, the company has basically admitted that the handheld needs some extra help getting out of the gate. So what will Nintendo do to get people excited about the 3DS? Well first off, the 20 free games for existing users will probably be revealed, but more importantly, we'll finally get some serious game announcements for the platform. Sure, E3 saw the announcements of Luigi's Mansion 2, Mario Kart 3DS, and a few other titles, but I have a feeling that the floodgates are really going to come loose during TGS. The 3DS is in a precarious position right now, as it is new enough to make a comeback, but its sales have been dragging too much thus far to ignore. Hopefully Nintendo can pull the rabbit out of their proverbial hat at this year's TGS and make their signature brand of magic happen.

Why You Should: Be Excited for Tokyo Game Show 2011!

1. Sony's New Console?

This one is a long shot, but there have been some alarming rumors over the past few weeks that claim Sony could be announcing the successor to the PlayStation 3 at this year's TGS. And if you look at some of the facts, they do point in that direction. Sony has always released consoles within days or weeks of Nintendo consoles, and with the Wii U coming next year, the time seems to be right for Sony to release another new console. Add this to the fact that Sony has announced that they will be providing the keynote address and it looks like Sony wants to tackle things a bit bigger than just the PlayStation Vita. It may seem a bit crazy, but we wouldn't put it past Sony to really kick off the next console generation with an announcement (or at least a tease) of the PlayStation 4 at this year's TGS.

Though many of these rumors may not come true, the fact that there is this much hype for an event in September speaks volumes all by itself. This year's TGS should be a big event, and we all can't wait until it kicks off next month. Cheat Code Central will have up-to-the-moment coverage of all the big announcements and surprises from this years' event.

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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