Why You Should: Be Excited for Uncharted 3!

Why You Should: Be Excited for Uncharted 3!

2. Cinematic Gameplay

Uncharted 2 was praised for many things, but what many critics latched on to was the cinematic feel of the game. No one expected the follow-up to the modest original to become the hit that it was, but the cinematic feel of the game helped catapult it to become one of the biggest games of both the PlayStation 3's lifecycle as well this console generation as a whole.

So what does Uncharted 2's success have to do with Uncharted 3? Well, since the bar has been set so high, Uncharted 3 has been able to enjoy a bigger budget and plenty of development time, which should translate into cinematics of a quality not seen before. We got a taste of Uncharted 3's visuals at this year's E3, and if the full game looks half as good as the demo footage we saw, fans are in for a definite treat. The focus of the Uncharted series has always been squarely on the story, but I would be remiss if I said that I wasn't looking forward to an amazing-looking game as well .

Why You Should: Be Excited for Uncharted 3!

1. The Sequel We've All Been Waiting For

Look, at the end of the day, we want to see what happens to Nathan Drake. That's what is most exciting about Uncharted 3. Sure, we care about the world of The Elder Scrolls, and we want to see what will happen in the newest iteration of the Legend of Zelda, but none of these games have the tight, cohesive narrative that leaves players needing to know more. The last game left off with plenty of unanswered questions. As the saga behind Drake's long-lost ancestor unfolds, we're all sure to be spellbound. Add that to the Nate-Chloe-Elena love triangle, the mysterious new characters, and the already-mentioned new locations and you have a multi-faceted story that is sure to unfold in epic fashion.


Sure, the multiplayer will be fun, and everybody likes a game with pretty graphics, but none of that is going to push Uncharted 3 into the running for 2011's game of the year. It will be the story that makes the game endearing.

Truly narrative-based gameplay is something I think the industry as a whole has lost focus on this console generation. But if a game like Uncharted 3 can prove that gamers still respond to a strong story, it could change the way the industry is headed. An exciting prospect indeed.

Uncharted 3 is sure to be a huge hit this November. However, 2011's fall gaming season is packed with releases that you should also be excited about. Check back next week for another edition of WYS!

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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