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Xbox LIVE: Days of Arcade

Lode Runner

Xbox LIVE: Days of Arcade - Lode Runner

Developer: Tozai Games | Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: April 22, 2009

Updated remakes of retro favorites have long been a great way to honor excellent old-school games and introduce them to new players, while also adding in improvements to the core gameplay and design. Following in this same spirit, Lode Runner on XBLA will tip its hat to the early 1980s Brøderbund classic and spice things up with a major graphical facelift, tons of additional levels, a handful of unique ways to play, and lots of new and varied obstacles to contend with. Whether you care to relive the days of old in higher definition or are completely new to the series, Lode Runner is bound to get your blood pumping.


Recreated from the head-to-toe with sharp, 3D HD visuals for the Xbox 360, Lode Runner will take the platforming sensibility of the classic to new heights across five diversely designed worlds packed to the hilt with danger to avoid and loot to grab. Like the original, gameplay focuses on quickly navigating levels in search of precious gold by running along platforms, climbing ladders, and bombing holes to trap the killer robots nipping at your heels. New elements, like power-up collectibles, avalanche blocks, spikes, and teleportation, will throw added challenge into the fast and furious action.

Xbox LIVE: Days of Arcade - Lode Runner

In addition to the traditional platforming gameplay, several cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes will let you tackle levels with friends, utilize unique techniques, and face off against one another. With a full-blown solo or co-op campaign mode, survival challenges, puzzles, and four-player back-stabbing competition, Lode Runner aims to round to the old-school experience with a robust feature set to please new players and dedicated fans alike. Also, the original Lode Runner game was among the earliest games to include a level editor for users to create their own daring courses to dash through. The updated console version will also feature the ability to make your own custom levels and share them with the Xbox LIVE community.

By Nathan Meunier
CCC Staff Contributor

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