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Xbox LIVE: Days of Arcade

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Xbox LIVE: Days of Arcade - Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Developer: Infinite Interactive | Publisher: D3 Publisher
Release Date: April 1, 2009

The original Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords amply proved match-three puzzle gameplay infused with a heaping dose of fantasy RPG flavor made for one of the most intoxicating variations on the gem-matching genre ever seen. Exploring slightly different terrain, this time with a slick, sci-fi theme and interface, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will boldly go where few puzzle games have gone before. Venturing through the dark matter of space in a futuristic time populated by scores of alien races, you'll embark on daring missions, upgrade your space vessel with powerful weapons and items to use in battle, and follow a winding plot that unfolds across a massive, mapped-out universe - all by matching multi-colored hexagons.


In Puzzle Quest: Galactrix's strategic battle challenges, the hexagonal pieces can be moved in six different directions to match and clear three or more of the same-colored block. The zero gravity replenishes pieces in the direction they're moved. Collecting enough numbers of certain colors will power different attacks, and special pieces on the playing field engage other effects. Beyond its engaging match-three battles, the game will feature many subtle nuances, like mining, hauling, and selling cargo strategically in different systems featuring their own unique economies, haggling with space scum for goods, exploration of a vast universe, managing a small fleet of space vessels, acquisition of over 150 weapons to unleash on unsuspecting opponents, and much more. Also, your decisions and actions throughout the game will affect how other factions react to your presence.

Xbox LIVE: Days of Arcade - Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Going solo, hundreds of single-player missions will provide many hours of entertainment, but the ability to venture online in Puzzle Quest: Galactrix to face off against other human opponents in ranked matches and post your scores for bragging rights in online leaderboards should hold a ton of appeal for players who are seeking something beyond the main campaign.

By Nathan Meunier
CCC Staff Contributor

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