You Versus The Controller

You Versus The Controller

Another recent control disaster is Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. This game was supposed to show what Microsoft's Kinect is really capable of. The previous Steel Battalion game, you might recall, required a gigantic controller that modeled the inside of a tank, but the Kinect would let you do all that with your bare hands. Or so the hype went. Needless to say, the entire thing was a mess, and virtually every reviewer panned it. Apparently, when it comes to tank games, 1980's Battlezone—with two single-axis joysticks to control the tank treads, plus a "fire" button—far outpaces the latest in modern technology.

In fact, the entire "groundbreaking" realm of motion controls is home to a ton of problems, as anyone with a Wii can tell you. Too often, motion controls are nothing but gimmicks—and even when that's not the case, either they don't respond correctly, or they require you to make sterile, practiced movements instead of really getting into the game. Even the great improvement of MotionPlus hardly made Wii games feel like reality.

Sure, we can blame some of this on the fact that the technology is new and developers are still working it out. But it's been six years since the Wii came out. How much time do they need?

You Versus The Controller

I, for one, am sick of fighting my controllers. The purpose of a controller is to communicate my intentions to the game, and this process should feel natural; it shouldn't be a separate problem I need to solve just to play. We need to demand more from the buttons we press.

Robert VerBruggen
Contributing Writer
Date: August 1, 2012

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