Monster Rancher Battle Card Game

Strategy Guide


Note: This game is also titled Monster Farm Battle Cards.

Game Shark Codes

Note: You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes in a Game Boy Color system.

Infinite Health 1st Position010FF6C1
Infinite Health 2nd Position010FF7C1
Infinite Health 3rd Position010FF8C1
Infinite Gut Points010F15C2
Infinite Downer01636FD0
Infinite Downer S016370D0
Infinite Downer EX016371D0
Infinite Mo Downer016372D0
Infinite Downer L016373D0
Infinite Aldowner016374D0
Infinite Aldowner G016375D0
Infinite Upper016376D0
Infinite Upper S016377D0
Infinite Upper EX016378D0
Infinite Mo Upper016379D0
Infinite Mo UpperL01637AD0
Infinite Alupper01637BD0
Infinite Alupper G01637CD0
Infinite Mischief01637DD0
Infinite Dummy01637ED0
Infinite Launcher016380D0
Infinite Hypnosis016381D0
Infinite Coinheads016382D0
Infinite Cointails016383D0
Infinite Item Eater016384D0
Infinite Mirror016385D0
Infinite Fit Shoes016386D0
Infinite Skates016387D0
Infinite Gumboots016388D0
Infinite Airkicks016389D0
Infinite Dragosole01638AD0
Infinite Ironshoes01638BD0
Infinite Sandal01638CD0
Infinite Ringshoes01638DD0
Infinite Flyboots01638ED0
Infinite Shovel01638FD0
Infinite MilkStuff016390D0
Infinite Po's Nose016391D0
Infinite Candarope016392D0
Infinite Sis Lens016393D0
Infinite Fat Lens016394D0
Infinite Pure Water016395D0
Infinite Deep Water016396D0
Infinite Rich Badge016397D0
Infinite Luxe Badge016398D0
Infinite Mirrorcle016399D0
Infinite WondaCoin01639AD0
Infinite Disc01639BD0
Infinite Old-Paint01639CD0
Infinite Coinsack01639DD0
Infinite Team Box01639ED0
Infinite Feather01639FD0

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