Pocket Bomberman


All power-ups

Enter "5656" as a password.

Boss mode

Enter "9437" as a password to start at full power and fight only the Bosses.

Ocean level with all items

Enter "4622" as a password.

Level passwords

Forest 17693
Forest 23905
Forest 32438
Forest 48261
Forest Boss1893
Ocean 12805
Ocean 29271
Ocean 31354
Ocean 44915
Ocean Boss8649
Wind 10238
Wind 25943
Wind 36045
Wind 42850
Wind Boss8146
Cloud 19156
Cloud 22715
Cloud 34707
Cloud 47046
Cloud Boss0687
Evil 13725
Evil 20157
Evil 35826
Evil 49587
Evil Boss3752

Game Shark Codes

Note: You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes in a Game Boy Color system.

Infinite Lives0103F1C1
Infinite Time013BFAC1

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