Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure

Strategy Guide



Successfully complete the game to unlock the ability to run faster in subsequent games. Hold L during the game to move faster.

Double Jump

Defeat N. Gin on the Boss stage on the second floor to get the Double Jump.

Super Belly Flop

Get all the items and you will receive the Super Belly Flop.

Tornado Spin

Defeat Tiny on the Boss stage on the third floor to get the Tornado Spin.

Bonus level

Finish the game with a 100% completion. Play again and fight the final Boss. Win the battle to play a level featuring mutated Bosses.

Defeating eels

To kill the eels, press B on their heads.

Defeating N. Gin

N. Gin's weapons are his weakness. There are four in all. At first, he starts out with a cannon and two missile launchers. After you defeat two of those, he opens a hatch and releases bombs. Knock out the cannon first and then put about the same number of hits on both of the missile launchers. This way, after you blow one up the other will not be too difficult to finish off. After that, blow up the hatch to defeat N. Gin.

Defeating Neo Cortex

Cortex is equipped with his shrinking ray. When you first enter his Boss stage, he will move across the screen, shooting at nothing in particular. After he does this twice, he will aim at you. At the same time, three platforms, each in front of three gems, will shift to a position that allows you to jump on top of one of them. Do this and wait. After a few seconds, Cortex's aiming target will start blinking red and yellow and make a noise like a teapot. This will let you know that he is getting ready to shoot. Just as he is about to fire, move or jump out of the way. If done correctly, he will blast the gem that you were in front of, and lose one hit point. You have to do this three times to defeat him.

Defeating Tiny

Tiny jumps around from platform to platform, chasing Crash. Instead of running away, stand on a platform just to the left or right of where he is standing. When he jumps very high towards you, run or jump under him. Then, wait for him to jump back towards you and do the same thing in reverse. Repeat until he gets his pitchfork stuck in a platform, then spin him. One of the platforms will drop away. Hurt Tiny three times to win the Death Tornado Spin.

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