Donkey Kong Country 3


50 extra lives

Enter "Monkey" as a password.

All bonus coins

Enter "aqua" as a password.

Funky's, Cranky's, and Swanky's mini-games

Enter "Extras" as a password to unlock Funky's, Cranky's, and Swanky's mini-games.

Music Player option

Enter "music" as a password to unlock the "Music Player" option.

No DK and Star-Barrels in new game

Enter "Tuffer" as a password.

Disable midpoint barrels

Enter "harder" as a password.

View credits

Enter "kredits" as a password.


Go to the four rocks to the east of Mekanos and circle the rocks clockwise until the Krematoa volcano replaces them.


Ride the jetski and turbo to go up the waterfall where the game first started. Then, swim to the K Rool Flag.

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