Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Strategy Guide

Rename characters

When prompted to enter a new name for Felix, press Select(3). Enter a new name for Felix, and you can now enter a new name for Jenna, Sheba, and Picard. Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Select to enter new names for Garet, Ivan, and Mia if playing a non-linked game. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Revisit last Sanctum

While loading a saved game, hold L + R + Start.

Music test

Select battle mode, then hold R when speaking to the woman on the left side of the screen. Press Left or Right to choose a song number and press A to listen to your selection. Press B to return to the selection screen. Note: Songs must be unlocked during a game.

Data link

At the black logo screen, hold L + R + Left and press B. A new option will appear. Select it to get "Password" or "Link". This lets you send cleared Golden Sun data to the next installment. Make sure you have completed Golden Sun and have a "clear data" on your save.

Transfer codes

Enter the following transfer codes:

    Bronze: 9Tpz2 dPiAj 5Upq= H
    Silver: iQ8nh JyDZe Y&JJG X9mrL 68#U7 2TmGC S7Xwd 6wmBL &y!ve hwajK g8Gpm C+pGk J

Enter the following transfer code:

    Gold: a#G5r +Eg5U =zNpH GHdxs ?FV!K yzPh! &ngj8 ef?am ?EV&x H8XPn Y&F#N N2#yF vwSu2 eXcnP hrdrr VQzMr duzkE jQ#FX 8MJYF tWjiz fF+pj KCuSS 43uvR T?yRm Wt&5W D=92P JEe9C 8d456 wqYqE =5HzH uz&6e Vc8+k yuzD$ mhHA6 snNFw sSK!z xXQ%? 3UB%$ 8ZGCc =LGgK aRMme VRrih 2Wwp6 2#tab 7%yfb Jvjed g=qkL DuqWv JzvVR h=YSF A$6XE AW3Cx

Easy and hard difficulty setting

Successfully complete the game to create a "Clear Data" saved game. Note: You also need an empty saved game slot. Select the "New Game" option at the main menu. After the data transfer prompt, you will be asked if you want to play in easy mode. Answer "No" and you will be asked if you want to play in hard mode.

Auto-scrolling dialogue

While talking to people, hold A + B to auto-scroll the dialogue. For example, do this at the start of the game while talking to Alex.

Revisit towns

Once you get the Teleport Psyenergy, you can use it on the world map to go to any town previously visited.

Original Golden Sun battle music

When you meet up with Isaac and the others and can put them on your team, make it so Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia are your battle party members. When you engage in a battle, the original Golden Sun battle theme will play.

Darkside Sword

The Darkside Sword can be obtained by taking a Dark Matter to the blacksmith. It is rare to get from him, and is cursed.


The Excalibur is forged rarely by the blacksmith if you give him a Orihalcon (the gold bar-like forge-able item). The Excalibur does 180 attack, and has two unleashes. The first one is an average attack, while the other is the same attack three times. The latter of the unleashes is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than the Sol Blade.


If you transfer your data from the Golden Sun, you probably will have the Force Orb to use The psynergy move, Force. You can use Force to knock down the log to the left of the blacksmith house in Yallam. Hop across the log then use Cyclone to reveal a secret underground entrance. Go into the cave and follow it all the way through. When you are outside, you will find a chest which contains the blade, Masamune. It unleashes Rising Dragon, that can do up to double the damage if two Dragon Spirits hit an enemy.

Sol Blade

The Sol Blade can be found at the Mars Lighthouse. It unleashes often and is the most powerful weapon in the game. Only Isaac or Felix can use this sword.

The best weapon is the Sol Blade, with an attack of 200 and is valued at 31,200. It is a long sword that can be equipped by Felix and Piers. It unleashes Megiddo and is found in a chest at the Mars Lighthouse.

Valkyrie Mail

The best armor is the Valkyrie Mail, with a defense of 53 and is valued at 25,500. It can be equipped by Felix and Piers. It raises Evadeand can be found in a chest at the Mars Lighthouse.

All Djinn

The only way to get all 28 Djinn from the original Golden Sun is to use a password or to transfer your file from that game to Golden Sun 2. All 72 Djinn from Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 are used to open a sanctuary in the town near the Jupiter Lighthouse, where you can find a Boss called Dullahan who guards the ultimate summon in the game.

Easy experience

Go to the Mars Lighthouse and look for Firebirds. One Firebird can give you as much experience as the battle with Saturos and Menardi (6,000 experience points). You can also look for some Phoenix, which can give you about 3000 experience points. Because they have low HP, this is the easiest way to gain experience.

To get 17,000 experience points, go to the few long hallways before fighting Dullahan. You should encounter a blue bird that gives 9,833 experience points each.

Defeating Doom Dragon

Go in with the party all with levels at 45 or higher. Give whoever has the most attack points the Sol Blade. Give the Fire Brand and the Trident to the second strongest person in the party. When you go into battle, start raising the attack points with Ivan or Sheba to the two characters that have the Sol Blade and Fire Brand. Each head has about 6,000 HP. It will be a long battle, which will give it a grand total of 1,800. Keep healing your party members with Cool Aura/Pure Wish/Wish Well. When Doom Dragon casts Curse and actually gets your party member, fighting with that person until the very first flame is small. Switch with that person and continue fighting. You may want to boost your Elemental Defense or the Doom Dragon will summon some extremely strong Psynergies, such as Cruel Ruin, which can easily do 400 damage with Elemental Defense or not. It also knows Djinn Blast, which can drain all of your Djinn in your current four characters that are out. However, it will not always do just all of them. One out of two times, it gets all of your Djinn. It is recommended that you not summon anything; if you summon Charon or something similar, it will give Doom dragon the chance to end that party member. Doom Dragon will use Cruel Ruin after it loses one head, eight turns out of nine turns.

Defeating Dullahan

Dullahan has 10,000 HP and unlimited PP. The only way to defeat him is by summoning. He recovers 200 HP each turn and can absorb your HP. Bring out three Eclipses and three Catastrophes and that should finish him. If he still is not dead, power up the party member who has the Sol Blade with a few Impacts, then deliver the final blow. Be extremely careful of the Djinn Blast.

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