Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One

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Level select

At the chapter selection screen, hold L + R and press Up(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right(2), X, Right, X, Right, X to unlock all levels. -From: DRKlight


At the chapter selection screen, hold L + R and press Y, B, X, A, Y, B, X, A.


Win the indicated battle on the map to unlock the corresponding character:

    Oran: Bloomfield
    Oran: Denley
    Oran: Hawkins
    Oran: Kelly


Win the indicated battle on the map to unlock the corresponding weapon:

    Oran: Chatellerault
    Oran: Hatchkiss
    Oran: Karabiner 98k Bolt Action
    Oran: M1 Garand
    Oran: M2.50 cal Browning
    Oran: MAS 36
    Oran: MAS 38
    Oran: MK 2 Grenade
    Oran: Stielhandgrenate
    Oran: Thompson


Win the indicated battle on the map to unlock the corresponding vehicle:

    Oran: Ju-87 Stuka
    Oran: M3 Sturart light tank
    Oran: M3A1 Halftrack
    Oran: Quad 20 mm Flakvierling
    Oran: Supermarine Spitfire

Concept art

Win the indicated battle on the map to unlock the corresponding artwork:

    Oran: Oran 1
    Oran: Oran 2


Win the indicated battle on the map to unlock the corresponding movie:

    Operation Torch

Machine guns

When manning a machine gun, shoot in short six or seven round bursts against enemies. If a lot of enemies get close, lie prone and throw a grenade at them. Then, quickly get back on the machine gun.

Avoiding more attacks

Sometimes enemies will just keep coming unless you move up. Keep moving forward to cover when you are not under fire.

Staying alive

The best way to stay alive is to crouch down, but do not lay down. Find good cover, and any chance you have, get a machine gun or a semi machine gun. When you are crouched down, remain that way. It makes you a smaller target and it does not affect how fast you run. Also, there are a good amount of health packs, but you still have to look for them. If there is a room that you do not have to go into, you should still look in it regardless.

Africa tank mission

In the first tank mission in Africa, there is a Flak 88 gun that will destroy one of your tanks. The gun is on the right side inside a building and is not visible. Shoot the second building on the right side. It is the tallest one and will start to crumble when hit. Also, some of your troops are on the right side. Do no run them over. They will help you by taking out the other Flak 88 gun. All you have to do is take out the two machine gunners on the right side after the first Flak 88 gun.

Bomber mission

At the end of the bomber mission, you will get to choose any machine gun turret to defend the plane from. It is recommended, at least on the hard difficulty setting, that you stay at the back turret. It takes too long to get to the front, and your plane may get shot down.

Counterattack mission

When Brooklyn says "Finally, this crappy mud pit is ours!", start running away from where you came. Equip a BAR or another MG while running. You do not have to worry about the tank dealing damage and can concentrate on the Nazis on your way. After the tank chases you and blows down the main bridge, run to the right to find a bazooka.

Second to last mission

In the second to last mission, after you finish clearing out houses of enemies, your tank will get ambushed by a Flak 88 gun and a mortar crew. You must first defend your position. Move into the shack building on the right side and move into the top right corner of the building. Watch out for enemies in the top of the building to your left. Once you have taken out all those enemies, kill the enemies near the tank. Once you repel the assault, you and another soldier must take out the mortar crew. Follow the other soldier and keep your M1 Carbine out. When you get near the center of the town, duck behind the brick wall and pick off the two mortar men in the building in front of you. Then, go up the steps towards the Flak 88 gun. If you sit behind the wall for too long, the Flak 88 gun will get you. Use your Thompson to kill the two men manning the Flak 88 gun, then plant the explosive charge. Run for cover towards the shack that you were defending earlier. Do not worry about the machine gun in the window; the Flak 88 will provide you with enough cover.

Last mission

When you are going thought the dragon's teeth, kill the machine gunner and other enemies in the middle tower. Then, make a run half way thought the dragon's teeth. Next, go prone behind a tooth. Take out the enemies around you and in the tower. Then, get up and run all the way through and underneath the last tower for cover. Wait for your squad to arrive, then storm up the hill and go into the bunker.

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