Chicken Little


Cheat mode

At the main menu, select the "Extras" option, then choose the "Cheat Codes" option. There are four boxes with pictures in them. Line up the pictures in the correct order by scrolling through them, then choose "Enter Code" to activate the code.


    Enter Baseball, Baseball, Baseball, Shirt as a code.

    Big hair

    Enter Baseball, Bat, Bat, Baseball as a code.

    Big head

    Enter Hat, Helmet, Helmet, Hat as a code.

    Big feet

    Enter Hat, Glove, Glove, Hat as a code.


    Enter Glove, Glove, Helmet, Helmet as a code.

    Paper pants

    Enter Bat, Bat, Hat, Hat as a code.


    Enter Hat, Hat, Shirt, Shirt as a code.

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