The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

Strategy Guide

Cheat mode

Pause the game during a level, then hold L + R and enter one of the following codes to active the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

+1000 experience points (once only)Gimli X(2), Y, A
+1000 experience points (once only)Gandalf X, Y, Up, Down
+1000 experience points (once only)Merry Down(2), B, A
+1000 experience points (once only)Frodo Down, Y, Up, Down
+1000 experience points (once only)Faramir B, Y, Up, B
+1000 experience points (once only)Aragorn Up, B, Y, A
+1000 experience points (once only)Sam Y, A, Down, A
+1000 experience points (once only)Pippin Y, A, B, A
+1000 experience points (once only)Legolas A, Y, Up, A
Toggle Level 2 SkillsMerry X, Down, B, B
Toggle Level 2 SkillsAragorn X, Y, A, Y
Toggle Level 2 SkillsSam X, A, X, Y
Toggle Level 2 SkillsGandalf Down, Y, A, Y
Toggle Level 2 Skills Pippin Down, A, Down, Up
Toggle Level 2 SkillsLegolas B(2), X, B
Toggle Level 2 SkillsGimli Up, X, B(2)
Toggle Level 2 SkillsFrodo Y, Up, Down, X
Toggle Level 2 SkillsFaramir A, B, A, Down
Toggle Level 4 SkillsLegolas Down(2), A(2)
Toggle Level 4 SkillsAragorn Down, B, X, B
Toggle Level 4 SkillsMerry B, A, X, Down
Toggle Level 4 SkillsSam Up, Down, B, A
Toggle Level 4 SkillsGimli Y, B, Down, Up
Toggle Level 4 SkillsFrodo Y, Up, X, Down
Toggle Level 4 SkillsGandalf Y, Up, B, A
Toggle Level 4 SkillsPippin A, Down(3)
Toggle Level 4 SkillsFaramir A(2), B(2)
Toggle Level 6 SkillsPippin X, Y, X, Y
Toggle Level 6 SkillsAragorn X, Y, B, B
Toggle Level 6 SkillsLegolas Down, X, Up, Down
Toggle Level 6 SkillsMerry Down(2), B, Y
Toggle Level 6 SkillsSam Down(2), Up(2)
Toggle Level 6 SkillsFrodo Down(2), A, Y
Toggle Level 6 SkillsGimli Down, Y, Down, B
Toggle Level 6 SkillsGandalf Y(2), A, Up
Toggle Level 6 SkillsFaramir Y, A, Down, X
Toggle Level 8 SkillsFrodo X(2), Down(2)
Toggle Level 8 SkillsSam X(2), Y(2)
Toggle Level 8 SkillsFaramir X, Down(3)
Toggle Level 8 SkillsGandalf X, B, Down, Down
Toggle Level 8 SkillsMerry Down, Y, A, B
Toggle Level 8 SkillsLegolas B, Up(2), Down
Toggle Level 8 SkillsPippin B, Up(2), X
Toggle Level 8 SkillsAragorn Up, B, Y, Up
Toggle Level 8 SkillsGimli A, X, Down, B
Toggle 3 Hit ComboGandalf Down, A, Y, Down
Toggle 3 Hit ComboAragorn B, Down, X, Up
Toggle 3 Hit ComboFrodo B, Down, Y, B
Toggle 3 Hit ComboFaramir B, Y, Up, Y
Toggle 3 Hit ComboLegolas B, Y(2), X
Toggle 3 Hit ComboSam B, A, X, B
Toggle 3 Hit ComboGimli Up, B, X, B
Toggle 3 Hit ComboPippin Up(2), B, X
Toggle 3 Hit ComboMerry Y, A, Up, Y
Toggle 4 Hit ComboFrodo Down, B, Down, X
Toggle 4 Hit ComboGandalf Down, Y, Up, X
Toggle 4 Hit ComboMerry B, A, B(2)
Toggle 4 Hit ComboSam Up, Down, Y(2)
Toggle 4 Hit ComboAragorn Up, B, Y, Down
Toggle 4 Hit ComboGimli Y, B, Up, A
Toggle 4 Hit ComboLegolas A, X, Y, B
Toggle 4 Hit ComboFaramir A, B, Up, A
Toggle 4 Hit ComboPippin A(2), Down, X
Toggle Special AbilitiesGimli X, B, A, X
Toggle Special AbilitiesAragorn Down, X, Y(2)
Toggle Special AbilitiesPippin B, A, X, Y
Toggle Special AbilitiesSam Up, X, A, X
Toggle Special AbilitiesGandalf Up, Down, Y, X
Toggle Special AbilitiesFaramir Up, B, X, Up
Toggle Special AbilitiesMerry Up, Y, X(2)
Toggle Special AbilitiesLegolas Y, X, A, X
Toggle Special AbilitiesFrodo Y, A, Down, A
Toggle co-op experience shareAny Down, A(3)
Toggle co-op health shareAny Y, Up, B(2)
Restore Missiles (once only)Gimli X(3), A
Restore Missiles (once only)Merry B, X(2), Y
Restore Missiles (once only)Pippin Up, X, Down, B
Restore Missiles (once only)Gandalf Y, Down, A, B
Restore Missiles (once only)Aragorn Y, Squar(2), Y
Restore Missiles (once only)Faramir Y, Up, A(2)
Restore Missiles (once only)Legolas Y(3), Down
Restore Missiles (once only)Frodo Y(3), X
Restore Missiles (once only)Sam A(2), X, A
Unlock Secret Character (once only)Frodo Y, X(3)
Unlock all Actor Interviews (once only) n/aA, B, A, Up
Unlock Secret Character (once only)Frodo X, B(2), A
Unlock Secret Character (once only)Pippin Y, X, B, Down
Unlock Secret Character (once only)Merry A, Down(2), A
Unlock Secret Character (once only)Faramir A(2), Y(2)
Infinite co-op respawnsAny X, B, Up, X
All upgrades (must have completed game) AnyUp, Down, Y, B
Always Devasting (must have completed game) AnyY, Up, Y, Down
Infinite Missiles (must have completed game) AnyB(2), Down, X
Invulnerable (must have completed game) AnyB, X, B, Up
Perfect Mode (must have completed game) AnyX, Down, Y, A
Enemy Debug Mode (must have completed game) AnyDown, X, Up, B
Restore Health (must have completed game) AnyB(2), X(2)

Palantir of Saruman level

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Palantir of Saruman level.

Palantir of Sauron level

Successfully complete the game with a character at level 10 to unlock the Palantir of Sauron level.

Play as Faramir

Successfully complete the game to unlock Faramir.

Play as Merry

Successfully complete the game to unlock Merry.

Play as Pippen

Successfully complete the game to unlock Pippen.

Andy Serkis interview

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Andy Serkis interview.

Billy Boyd interview

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Billy Boyd interview.

David Menham interview

Successfully complete the game to unlock the David Menham interview.

Dom Monaghan interview

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Dom Monaghan interview.

Extra experience

Use a link cable to connect to a GameCube and play its version of The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. For every level completed on the Game Boy Advanced version, you will have 1,000 experience points to add to a character in the GameCube version.

Easy combo attacks

You can use the C-stick to do quick combo attacks. C-stick Up and C-stick Down work very well on any creature that has a shield.

Hidden trailer

Allow the game to idle at the "Press Start" screen. After a few minutes, a new trailer for the game will play.

Killing enemies

A great way to kill a vast amount of enemies is to use the speed attack as much as possible while moving frequently. For example, when surrounded by Orcs, rapidly press A while moving around to knock enemies to the ground, kill them, and enter into perfect mode faster. This is a great strategy to prevent back attacks and when you are greatly outnumbered.

Outnumbered battles

Do not be a hero. When outnumbered, immediately press A(3) for speed attacks, then when you have some room, press Y(2) to use a fierce combo or perform your special moves. Do this enough times and you will enter Perfect mode.

Purchasing upgrades

When you have the option to purchase new skills, make sure you get the skill that allows you longer life, then purchase skills for the entire team starting at level 2 and working up to level 8 first.

Link moves

Learn how to "Link Move" (any special move that requires you to parry first then followed by the combo move). It will immediately place you in Perfect mode.

Entering Perfect mode

Use the following trick to enter Perfect mode very quickly without taking any damage. When surrounded by a group of enemies, rapidly press B (Parry) to block all incoming attacks. As you block, your special meter rises very quickly, bringing you to Perfect mode. You can now quickly take out all nearby enemies while racking up the perfects. This is very useful in Pelennor Fields.

Cirith Ungol

With Sam, wait for someone to knock over another Orc then run up and quickly kill him. Eliminate them one by one and eventually get up to the Boss. An easy way to kill him is to keep throwing pikes at him. Make sure time does not run out while fighting the Orcs.

Paths Of The Dead

After you defeat the King of the Dead, you have to run back through the level as the whole place comes down on your head. When you get to the white mists that really slow you down, try facing the opposite direction and jump backwards. This lets you get through the mist faster.

Double kill in multi-player mode

In co-operative multi-player mode, if one player you starts to do a Bane (Orc, Warrior, or Sauron's Bane), attack the enemy that the other player is using the Bane on to get two kills. Note: The other player will get a Perfect while you will get either a Fair, Good, or Excellent.

Killing Orcs in Road To Isengard

When you get to the part where you have to kill 65 Orcs, there is a small crack that you can hide in while the three Ents kill all the Orcs. There are some that will stop at the opening where the Orcs appear. You can just kill with your ranged attacks.

Easy experience in Shelob's Lair

When you get to the part where Sam says "I can't get by this", fight all the Orcs. Once you have finished, go to the top of the ridge where you push off the rocks. Push the rock and the Orcs will be there, giving you more experience.

Easy experience in South Gate

Complete all the tasks until you have the gate open. Do not go through the gate. Just fight all the creatures you can as they keep respawning. Try to use combos to get into Perfect mode then most of the enemies are worth 300 experience points. When you cannot fight anymore, leave. Some small creatures give out red health potions, allowing you to fight for a long period of time.

Siege towers in Walls Of Minas Tirith

Destroy the first siege tower with the catapult near the middle of the wall. It requires two hits to topple. For the second tower that rolls over to the far right, you can just use your projectiles to take it out. Keep firing at it in order to bring it down.

Defeating the King Of The Dead

When fighting the King Of The Dead, always approach him when you see the green/yellow/red bar above him (depending on how much damage you inflict on him) and parry first. In the beginning he will attack three times (usually with a green bar above him), four times (usually with a yellow bar above him), and five times (usually when a red bar is above him). Timing is also a factor. As a rule, you want him to have a yellow or red damage bar above him by the time he summons "Winds Of The Mountain".

Defeating Gollum in Crack Of Doom

Gollum is not effected by swords. You must parry and push him towards the edge. Once you do so, he should lose his balance and start to fall. He will try to climb back up. At this time, stab his hands with your killing move. It will take awhile to defeat eat him.

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