The Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age

Strategy Guide

Evil mode

Successfully complete a chapter to unlock the ability to replay it in Evil mode. This is an easy way to gain weapons, armor, and Elfstones.

Easier Evil mode

If you are having trouble completing Evil mode, save the game in Eregion, then exit out and go into Evil mode. The difficulty will be greatly reduced.

Infinite items

Go to Eregion after you get the Craft Item Stone. Then, find an Archer. Cast Fellowship Grace with Belethor and the Haste Of The Elves ability with Idrial on whoever has the Craft Item Stone equipped. You will never run out of AP, and the character creating items goes very fast, producing a lot of items. This is especially useful for the Elf Medicine item. Also, you can level up character abilities that do not damage foes.

Refill HP and AP

If you are low on HP or AP, find a save point. Save your game and both your HP and AP will be completely refilled.

Everlasting health

Once your Elf healer gains the Valor move that presets whoever you choose with an instant revival when ever you die, use it at the beginning of each battle on her first, then on everyone else. If you maintain this so that no enemies can truly kill you, you will almost always be the victor.

Better healing

If you use Elf Medicine, try and use it with Idrial. If this is done, it will give full health instead of half.

Easy wins

Do not use the normal attack. With Hadhod and Idrial use Spirit Powers. With Elegost, use Ranged Craft. With Berethor, use Sword Craft. With Morwen, use Thief Craft. With Eaoden, use Spear Craft. You will only get new skills if you use Spirit Powers, Sword Craft, Ranger Craft, Thief Craft, or Spear Craft. You will not get new skills by using the normal attack. When you get all skills in the crafts listed, use Axe Craft with Hadhod, Sword Craft with Idrial, Leadership with Berethor, Bow Craft with Elegost, and Dual-Axe Craft with Morwen. Eaoden may have two different kinds of skills. If he does, train the other. If he does not, change him with one of the five others.

Good sword for Berethor

To start the game with a very good sword for Berethor (the first character you start with), do the evil mode of Osgiliath and save it on an early game. By doing this, you will get the Sword Of Isildur, which has a 200+ damage rating. At the beginning of the game, you can give at least 2,000 damage points from a normal hit with this weapon.

Better weapons for Morwen

Use her Steal Item ability on unique enemies (i.e. Bosses) such as Grima Wormtounge. This will give you weapons not found anywhere else. Note: Some of the Bosses have the same weapons.

Ultimate weapon for Morwen

Use Steal Item from the Witch King at Pelennor Fields to get the Third Age Rohirric Silver Battle Ax (base: x90 +9 per level, +8 Str, -2 Dex, +3 Spd).

Transferring Evil Mode treasure

Any treasure acquired in Evil Mode can be transferred to a regular saved game.

Gaining new moves

When fighting groups of Orcs, use Elegost's Sleeping Arrows, after getting Elegost's passive skill that effects all foes with them. Then, use the Double Attack skill with Berethor and his three hit attack. Just before killing the last Orc, use everyone's Spirit skill to gain SP points. This will allow you to gain new moves that would normally take many fights to gain.

Building skills

In the first level, find an enemy respawn point near a save point. Once there, keep attacking until you run out of AP, then save the game to refill your AP and HP. Keep doing this, and after a few hours you will get the special move from Berethor that can hit an enemy five times in a row. Note: This works for all characters, not just Berethor.

Get to about the Village in Rohan, after you get Morwen, then save the game and travel back to Ereigon. Find some Orcs and fight them. Do not do attack skills. For Morwen, use your Steal skills or her Haste skill. Remember to steal action points. For Idrial, just use Drain Inspiration. You will never run out of points, and it gives you a Spirit point every time it is cast. For Elegost, keep using your Craft Item ability. This will give you a ability point in it, and will give you a free item. For HadHod, keep using either the Rock Shield ability or the Whole Party Flame Shield ability. Again, after awhile you will get a new skill. Remember not to kill the Orcs until you need to heal or level up a skill.

Find a save point anywhere when you get the ability to travel. Then, travel anywhere possible and keep battling (use Spirit Powers or Sword Craft) until you get as many levels and skills as desired. This is best done when you are about to face the Balrog.

Helm's Deep

When you are at Helm's Deep, find Gamling in the armory. He will tell you to find Aragorn and his friends. Legolas will tell you where Aragorn and Gimli are located if you find him first. Legolas is outside along the wall. You must also find King Theoden who is also outside. After you talk to all of them, you must go back to Gamling. He will tell you that the Orcs broke through and it is time to fight. You will get to fight with Legolas first, Gimli next, then Aragorn last.

Exploring and getting more weapons in Helm's Deep

When you first get to the Helm's Deep level, you will start in the stables. After you save, you will be able to explore the entire fortress. However, if you just want to fight immediately, find Theoden and talk to him. Then, explore the passageways outside of the Great Hall. Look carefully to find Gamling in the armory. He will tell you to look for Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. Gimli is in the Great Hall (drinking), Legolas is on the Deeping Wall, and Aragorn is back in the stables talking to his horse. Before you return to Gamling, take some time and explore. By doing this you will find treasure chests containing helpful items. You will also find new bows for Elegost, helms and swords for Berethor and Idrial, axes for Morwen and Hadhod (plus a special hammer for Hadhod if you search hard enough), and possibly a better spear for Eaoden. After doing this, make sure you are ready with your armor and check your stock of Elf Medicine and other items. Then, go to Gamling and he will ask you to join him on the Deeping Wall. After that, the battle will begin.

Defeating Orc Veterans

In the Minas Tirith and Pelennor Fields levels, your basic Orc Veteran has at least 20,000 HP. You can use Berethor's Orc Bane twice to kill them. If it does not die, just use a plain attack to save your AP.

In Osgilath, you will encounter the big Orc featured in Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. First, use Farimir's Quality (where he will counter attack for someone). Do it to everybody. He will counter attack for everyone with a volley of arrows. Then, use Captain's Volley until he runs away. For Berethor, use Ecthelion Wrath. For Idrial, use Loud Water Fury. For Eadon, use Rupture Armor. You may also want to use Morgul Decay. Do not have Elgost out, as he misses to much. It is best to have Idrial, Eadon, Berothor, or Morwen.

Defeating the Balrog

Stock up on Elf Medicine before fighting the Balrog. Have Gandalf use it to bring you back to life; you will get more unit points back if Gandalf uses it on you. Also, equip any Fire protection Elf Stones you have. The Balrog has about 70,000 HP.

Use the following trick to defeat the Balrog or the Witch King. You must have first opened at least 25% of the treasure chests before the Balrog. Save just before the Balrog or Witch King. Then, check for two items in your inventory, Arnor Mushrooms and Morgul Decay. If you have at least one of these, it will be an easy battle. When you start the battle, have Gandalf use Protection From shadow. Then with the rest of your characters, use Morgul Decay on the enemy to get rid of their armor and use Arnor Mushrooms on Gandalf. Note: If Berethor has a weapon with 150+ and has double attack and Ecthelion Wrath or better, use Arnor Mushrooms on him and he will do a lot more damage. Take out Idrial and use Heal on party until all are dead except for the main attacker. After a while your opponent will be dead.

When fighting the Balorg. use a Morgul Decay, which will make its armor 0. Once that is done, you will do about ten times more damage and defeating it will be a lot easier.

Defeating the Mumakil

Use Stand Fast to prevent stun from Stomp; Paralyze to prevent Melee; Silence to Stop Spirit Immune to Bind Ranged; so Blind and/or Reduce Ranged Damage from Haradrim Volley (only attack it has remaining). Pierce is also recommended.

Defeating Sauron

On the battle of The Dark Lord Sauron, use Morgul Decay just like was done on the Witch King. The Dark Lord knows Berethor is strong. He will probably use Darkest Fear on him, then he will not be able to battle for a while. Use Elven Rage and it will do somewhere from 16,000 to 19,000 damage if it is a critical hit. Do not use Elegost. He misses often when you fight the Dark Lord. Try Eaoden, but his move Drain Health still only does 4,000 HP. Use Hadhod and kept using Cleaving Wound.

Make sure you have Hadhod, Eaoden, and Berethor in your party. Make sure Eaoden has Rampage Of Helm and Berethor has the Double Attack and War Cry. Also, make sure each character has at least 5,000 HP. If the fight begins with you going first, and if the first person is not Berethor, use a Morgul Decay on Sauron. Whenever it is Hadhod's turn, use the best attack that he has. When it is Eaoden's turn, use Rampage Of Helm. When it is Berethor's turn, use the combo of Double Attack and War Cry. It should not take very long to defeat him, as long as you use a Morgul Decay.

Have Hadhod, Elgost, and Berethor in your party. Make sure your Perfect meter is full, and you have Hadhod's passive skill that lets him always get criticals when the Perfect meter is full. On your first turn, use Morgul Decay on Sauron. On Berethor's first turn, have him use either double attack with Company Migh and War Call, or Company Night if you do not have Double Attack. Next, add the item that adds light damage to your melee/ranged attacks to Hadhod. He should now do about 33,000 damage every time he attacks.

Use Idrial and cast Aura Of The Valar. Sauron will often use Paralysis Of Light, which will make characters unable to cast spells; therefore, cast it the first time Idrial has a turn. When Idrial dies, she will be brought back to life. Use Frenzy. By doing this, Idrial will get two Spirit moves opposed to one before Sauron uses Paralysis Of Light on the characters again. Remember to cast Aura Of The Valar after Idrial dies. She now has one more Spirit move remaining, which can be used to bring another character back to life (Power Of The Valar) or cast a spell on Sauron. Repeat this strategy and you will not die.

Defeating the Witch King

To defeat the Witch King at the Pelennor Fields, make sure that you have Hadhod's Second Age Dwarven Mithril Piercing Axe and the Dwarven Mithril Helm. When you face the Witch King, use these attacks: Berethor's Stunning Strike and Ectehlion Wrath, Hadhod's Mountain Rage, and Eaoden's Enraging Blow and Rohirrim Rage. The Witch King has 200,562 HP and 59,098 AP.

Enter the fight with Perfect mode. Have your first character use the Banner of Elendil special. It will not actually stun the Witchking to make him stop attacking, but will disable his ability to counterattack for a great while. Then, have your next character use Morgul Decay, an item that completely rids the enemy of its armor. Now that the Witch King is completely vulnerable and will not counterattack, have your characters deal out their combos, such as Berethor's Ecthelion Wrath and the Rohirrim's Wrath of Edoras.

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