NBA Jam 2004
Developer teams

Enter "CREDITS" as a profile name to unlock five teams with the game's developers.

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes by pressing the appropriate buttons to change the icons in each position, where 0 is the basketball, 1 is the NBA Trophy, 2 is the NBA Jam logo basketball, and 3 is the NBA logo; then press the D-pad in the indicated direction:

Available by default
Tournament mode1-1-1 Down
Child's Play (in exhibition mode)1-1-1 Left
Challenging Mode1-1-1 Up
Show Shot %1-0-0 Down
No Replays1-0-0 Up
No Fire1-0-0 Left
ABA Ball0-2-0
Available after purchase
Big Heads2-0-0 Right
80's Filter0-0-3 Right
Beach Ball2-0-1 Up
Chain Nets2-0-1 Down
Iguana Gymnasium0-1-0 Up
Retro Celtics Arena0-1-0 Down
Retro Lakers Arena0-1-0 Left
Retro Bulls Arena0-1-0 Right
Venice Beach0-1-1 Down
Rucker Park0-1-1 Left
Acclaim Rooftop-0-1-1 Up
No 2-Pointers1-2-2 Up
No 3-Pointers1-2-2 Down
No Goaltending1 -2-2 Right
Constant Hotspots3-1-2 Up
No Hotspots3-1-2 Down
Super Thug Mode3-1-2 Right
Quick Shot Clock2-1-0 Up
No Shot Clock2-1-0 Down
Slow Clock2-1-0 Left
Fast Clock2-1-0 Right
Constant Fire3-1-3 Up
Easy Fire3-1-3 Down
Fast Game3-1-3 Left
Infinite Turbo3-1-3 Right
Powerup Team0-0-0 Up
Powerup Team 3 Pt.2-2-2 Up
Powerup Team Dunks2-2-2 Down
Powerup Team Blocks2-2-2 Left
Powerup Team Dribbles2-2-2 Right
Powerup Team Rebounds2-3-2 Up
Powerup Team Strength2-3-2 Down
Powerup Team Speed2-3-2 Left
Powerup Team Steals2-3-2 Right
Extra Big Heads2-0-0 Up
Big Feet2-0-0 Down
Small Heads2-0-0 Left
Giant Team Mode0-0-1 Up
Small Team Mode0-0-1 Down
Pre-70s Motions3-0-0 Up
70's Motions3-0-0-Down
80's Motions3-0-0 Left
Pre-70's Announcer 0-3-0 Up
70's Announcer0-3-0 Down
80's Announcer0-3-0 Left
90's Announcer0-3-0 Right
Pre-70's Filter0-0-3 Up
70's Filter0-0-3 Left
80's Filter0-0-3 Right
Pre-70's Stlye3-3-3 Up
70's Style3-3-3 Down
80's Style3-3-3 Right

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