NHL 2005
Easy goals

If you turbo across the front of the net and shoot on the other side you are more likely to score. Additionally, for all European teams in the World Cup of Hockey, all goalies will let in hard wrist shots from either the right or left.


Most aggressive face-off formations have a far winger; shooting or passing the puck in his direction can lead to some breakaways.


Deflections can be done the same way as a one-timer; shoot from the point and press Shoot again with players in front.

Unlockable videos

After you press Start at the title screen, different videos will appear. You can unlock more videos by playing with different teams and leagues.

Getting good players cheaply

Get your legal upgrades all the way up so that you can sign players for less. Save the game, then release a high paying player into free agency. Immediately negotiate a new contract. With all the upgrades you can get players to take multimillion dollar pay cuts. Make sure you save first -- if you go too low on the offer the player may be insulted and not talk to your team anymore.

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