Rally Championship
Championship mode

Successfully complete Arcade in Amateur mode (four stages) to unlock Championship mode. Note: Arcade is mush easier than Career mode because you only have to be in time to each checkpoint.

World Pro mode

Successfully complete Championship mode (eight stages) to unlock World Pro mode. In World Pro mode, the cars are a lot quicker but the brakes are more efficient.

Bonus cars

Successfully complete World Pro in Arcade mode (twelve stages) to unlock three classic cars: the Mini Cooper, Lancia Stratos, and Audi Quattro. You can only use the classic cars in Quick Race mode.

Save money

In order to save money, try all the cars you can in Quick Rally mode. You can also skip the 1600 class as it has similarities to Privateer cars. Unlock the Vauxhall Astra in "Race Pace Car" and use it in Career mode, which will unlock all 2000 cars that can be used in Quick Rally mode.


When the surface is hard as gravel, rock, or both of them together has the highest number, use "Soft" on suspension. Set a low number on "Brake Bias" (forward-back relation). This makes the car more "skiddy", but easier to countersteer. At high number brakes, the car comes to a stop easier, however it goes straightforward in corners.


Skid into a turn, not in it. Brake, let go, brake, let go, etc. As long as you have a good track, not much braking is necessary, except in turns called "4" or "5" or "any number -tightens". Listen to your co-driver carefully.

Handbrake turns

This is useful where there are many hairpins, as in Kaihuavaara, Lapland. Hold the handbrake momentarily, the use the normal brake if necessary, and steer all the time.

Visual warnings

Set "Warnings" and "Pace Notes" on in "Visual". This will display a warning sign for hinders and an arrow which indicates how tight a corner is.

Recommended cars

    Privateer: Skoda Felicia
    1600: Honda Civic
    2000: Vauxhall Astra
    Pro: Mitsubishi EVO VI

Those are all all-around cars which can be used on any stage. The handling is good and you can quickly counter-steer if you are about to lose the grip. They are middleweight cars, meaning that they are more durable than light ones.


    Glengap: You travel along a mountainside. The surface can be rough, the space tight, and a few square turns (90 degrees) can make the first stage a challenge. Brake in good time before a turn. The Hyundai Coupe from the 2000 class is very fun to use at this stage.

    Black Loch: The first turn is a 90 degree left. Early are two 90 degrees immediately after each other (one right, one left(. At one part, it seems like the road turns left, but it goes straight. Be careful when you drive through the house.

    Twiglees: Keep on straight of a course as possible, especially at the end, where there are many 1 and 2 turns can be driven straight through.

    Dumfries: Narrow track, with several 90 degree turns and four narrow gates that must be passed. A fun stage.


    Pen-Y-Coed: Watch the outside of turns, as hinders are rather frequent here. The turns are often long, which is good for high speed. At the gravel spot, the road is narrow. Brake and let go quickly at the tight corners.

    Gartheinlog: The many 5 turns and slippery surface can be nasty. Brake in good time before a turn, and accelerate out of the turn.

    Llandudno: You will start in the harbor with many 90 degree corners. Also be careful after the bridge; the "right 2" turn is rather nasty followed soon by a 90 degree right. A few more 90 degrees onto a loose surface and the passing of a very narrow railroad crossing makes this a very challenging stage to get the top scores in. Change your standard "Brake Bias" to 5, with equal brake power front-back.

    Llanberis: Some 90 degree turns, but many turns are long -- meaning you can have a rather high pace here. The VW Golf, 2000 class is very good here.


    Kaihuavaara: Night stage. Many hairpins and snow for the first time. Take it easy. Brake carefully with the handbrake and normal brake if necessary. Watch for solid obstacles like walls, vehicles and street lamps which are near the road. Skoda Felicia is a good car here.

    Rovaniemi: Snowstage on day with a few tight corners.

    Kemijärvi: Halfway through you will pass under some huge oil pipes. Listen carefully to the co-driver because the road can sometimes be difficult to detect.

    Ristilampi: The setting takes part in a city, which means many square corners. For a short time you will drive at the outskirts of the city, then into the city with its many 90 degrees again.


    Tsavo: Use caution after the helicopter appears. There is a tight left and a 5 right in front of the Tvbus. Brake in good time before it. There are many tight turns.

    Rift Valley: Night stage. Note the arrows which tell you if it is a tight corner. Listen carefully to the co-driver. A 4-turn is often tight; brake carefully beforehand. When driving along a high cliff, there is a right directly afterwards.

    Mt. Longonot: You will drive along riverbeds and scale a mountain. The road is narrow, as it is between the cliffs. If the co-driver says "Wide", you can go with unchanged speed. Two narrow bridges must be traveled.

    Turkana River: A short stage with ,any wide turns so even a "5" can be easy to handle. It has a few square turns though. You wo;; pass the river twice, brake directly afterwards because of the turns. The hairpins are long so you can proceed at an unchanged pace.


    Arizona: 100% Tarmac stage. The roads are very wide, like a highway with four lanes. It is easy to skid through each curve, even "5"s and hairpins. A very fast and fun stage.

    Nevada: Long wide curves with easy-to-see road. You can hold a good speed. Use the Hyundai Coupe on the first two USA stages for more fun.

    Hualapai Nation: Night stage. It very narrow during the whole stage. You must pass a few tunnels and bridges. Try the Hyundai Accent (World Pro car) because it has ABS brakes. Otherwise, use the Vauxhall Astra because of its good handling. This stage requires you to trust the car that you are re driving.

    Bullhead: Desert stage. The curves and corners are often "4"s and "5"s but still easy to handle at a good pace. The problems you will meet are that the road disappears to the background, which means paying attention to your co-driver.

    Bennon: Extra stage in Scotland. Unlocked by placing very high for a long time during Career, World Pro Class. A changing stage with bridges, woods and many 5-corners. A fun stage. The Hyundai Coupe is a car you can have a lot of fun with in all Scottish stages.


    Glenmooar: Another city stage with lots of houses and a narrow road. Similar to Ristilampi, except for the snow.

    Baldrine: Sometimes narrow, sometimes wide. It has a changing surface, like gravel, tarmac and lots of turns. A fun stage.

    Knocksharry. The turns here are often wide, so many can be taken in your current speed.

    Laxey: Rally with a sea view. Long passages takes you along or on the beach. The turns are long and need only the slightest of braking.

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