Super Monkey Ball

Strategy Guide

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Bonus level

Select any difficulty setting and complete all normal levels. A bonus level will start during the credits. Get as many bananas as you can while avoiding the falling letters from the credits.

EX levels

Successfully complete beginner mode without losing any lives to unlock 3 EX levels.

Master mode

Successfully complete the game in expert mode without using any continues to unlock master mode. -From:

Infinite continues

After you buy all three mini-games, for every 2,500 play points you get, you will gain an extra continue. After you reach nine continues, the game will give you unlimited continues.

Play all mini-games with only 2,500 points

Earn 2,500 points in the game and save them to a memory card. Then, go to the mini-games section and remove the memory card that has the 2,500 saved on it. Select the mini-game you would like to play and the 2,500 points will not be deducted from your memory card as it has been removed. If you would like to play another mini-game, just reset the game and repeat the process.

Finding bananas

Note where your monkey's head is turning to find the closest banana, whether it can be picked up or not.

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