Viewtiful Joe 2



Reel Select

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Reel Select" option for that and lower difficulty settings.

V-Rated mode

Successfully complete the game in Adult mode to unlock V-Rated mode.

Ultra V-Rated mode

Successfully complete the game in V-Rated mode to unlock Ultra V-Rated mode.

Super VJ mode

Successfully complete all 37 Chambers to unlock Super VJ mode.

Alternate saved game icons

Successfully complete all 37 Chambers to get a Rainbow V saved game icon. Successfully complete the game on the Kids or Adult difficulty setting to get a Red V saved game icon.

Use the Six Cannon

To use the Six Cannon in battle or anywhere else, you must have an almost entire bar of VFX (plus the four to five mini-bars). Then, hold Z until it gets to the last two VFX. A cannon will appear and shoot a large beam with the switched character in it. This works well against Bosses.

Silvia attacks

Switch to Silvia, then do Slo Mo and Replay followed by Close Up. Then, punch the enemy for three times the damage.

Get the Blue Cool Kick power up. Then while in battle, use Blue Cool Kick (while in the air, hold Down, and Kick). She will use a diagonal kick, then use Slo-mo, Replay, and Zoom in. This will do a lot of damage. Note: This works well against Bosses.

Whenever playing as Silvia transformed, double jump into the air and rapidly press Punch. She will slowly fall to the ground while firing her gun. This is useful when facing multiple enemies.

Slo Mo saves

Use Slo Mo when enemies are about to attack you.

Fire Leo and Frost Tiger

Not only are Fire Leo (one of the Bosses from the original Viewtiful Joe) and Frost Tiger brothers and look alike, but they fight exactly the same except that Fire Leo goes in lava to get his aura back, while Frost Tiger grows his aura.

Lighting torches in Reel 4

In Reel 4, there are three torch stands that need to be lit towards the end of Scene 1. To do this, you must flare up as Joe using Mach Speed then switch to Sylvia. By switching, you will transfer the fire to Sylvia. Activate Replay and attack with something that will activate the Replay action. There is another set of six not too far from there. You must flare up as Joe, switch, and Replay/Zoom/Spin Kick to light them.

Defeating Dr. Cranken

To defeat Dr. Cranken easily, use Sylvia. It is possible to defeat him in the first part with Joe, but it is much easier to use Sylvia for the entire battle. Cranken has three main attacks. He will sprout three tentacle things from his back, and they will have one of three things on them: drills, magnets, or buzz-saws. They will also appear in that order. Drills will stab at you, magnets will pull drills from the ceiling to fall on you, and buzz-saws sweep across the floor and up in the air to hit you. On one of the tentacles will be a yellow ball. This is your target. Go Slow Mo and shoot it with Sylvia (or punch with Joe). After four hits, the tentacles and Cranken's shield will break. Use this chance to run up with Sylvia, go Slow Mo, then activate Replay, Zoom In, and Spin Kick all at once. You can get about three of those in. Repeat this quite a few times. When he gets to two life bars, he starts to glow red. He will use his magnets to pull down about four of the six pieces of ceiling, raises a column forcing you jump over it, and makes avoiding the ceiling difficult. He will also call out three of the flying probes. After a few of those, he will pull out a drill/buzz-saw mix. Repeat what was doenbefore and hit the ball. After you take out his life bar, his body will explode and you will fight his head. You will have to use Sylvia for this. He will be shooting drills, and balls with be around his head. Hit the one that is glowing. Once you hit it, it will start moving around his head. Use Slow Mo and shoot. When his shield disappears, do your Slow/Zoom/Replay/Kick. Keep pressing Kick and you will kill him easily, because his defense is nothing in that form.

Defeating Frost Tiger

To beat Frost Tiger, you must use Joe for the entire battle. First, make Frost Tiger freeze one of the platforms. Go under the platform, then he will also come down. Use Mach Speed and punch one of the pillars that are under the platform until you catch Mach Speed Fire. Then, let Frost Tiger come to you (or vice versa) and punch him. His aura will go away and he will jump to the nearest pillar. If the pillar that he is on is unfrozen, he will freeze the platform. I you are in front of him, he will start attacking you. Use Slo Mo to see his skull, because his attacks are very fast. Keep dodging his Skull symbols until he starts spinning, then use Red Dragon Kick (Red Hot Kick and Zoom In). He will try to get his aura back. While he is getting that, use Red Dragon Kick again. Keep doing this until he is defeated.

Defeating Ms. Bloody Rachel

Ms. Bloody Rachel is your big replay against the bosses Big John, Flinty Stone, Camoleon, and Frost Tiger (in that order). There is no big change in their attacks, but their patterns are slightly different and HP is much higher. They are also yellow now.


Unlock the following chambers by completing the indicated task:

    Chamber 1: Successfully complete Reel 1, Act 4.
    Chamber 2: Successfully complete the slippery floor scene in Reel 5 Act 1 with over four lives remaining.
    Chamber 3: Get killed by a Rocker.
    Chamber 4: Successfully complete any scene with one life remaining.
    Chamber 5: Clear Reel 2, Act 3.
    Chamber 6: Successfully complete Chamber 1.
    Chamber 7: Collect all 250 Film Canisters in any Reel.
    Chamber 8: Get a game over and do not reset.
    Chamber 9 : Successfully complete Reel 3, Act 1.
    Chamber 10: Successfully complete Chamber 1 and enter the bonus scene in Reel 4, Act 2.
    Chamber 11: Successfully complete Chamber 2 with at least an "A" rank.
    Chamber 12: Get a "V" time rank in five consecutive scenes.
    Chamber 13: Use only one life from start to end in a scene.
    Chamber 14: Successfully complete Reel 4, Act 2.
    Chamber 15: Get a "Rainbow V" rank on the UFO fire scene in Reel 4, Act 1.
    Chamber 16: Successfully complete the last scene in Reel 2, Act 1 without using VFX.
    Chamber 17: Successfully complete Chamber 8.
    Chamber 18: Successfully complete Chamber 9 and buy the Sliding power-up.
    Chamber 19: Defeat Long John in Reel 3, Chapter 2 with at least an "A" rank.
    Chamber 20: Successfully complete the kitchen scene in Reel 1, Act 3 with a "Rainbow V" rank.
    Chamber 21: Successfully complete Chambers 3 and 12.
    Chamber 22: Successfully complete Chamber 13.
    Chamber 23: Successfully complete Reel 7, Act 3 with over 200,000 Viewtifuls saved.
    Chamber 24: Get Joe thrown out of the bathroom ten times in the Monorail scene in Reel 3, Act 1.
    Chamber 25: Do not use VFX after the gear scene ends in Reel 3, Act 2 until the next one starts.
    Chamber 26: Successfully complete Chamber 17 and Story mode on the kids difficulty setting.
    Chamber 27: Successfully complete Chamber 18 and buy the Redhot Kick power-up.
    Chamber 28: Successfully complete the switch scene in Reel 7, Act 1 with over 30 seconds remaining.
    Chamber 29: Collect all the Film Canisters in Reel 5, Chapter 1.
    Chamber 30: Get a "Rainbow V" rank in five consecutive scenes.
    Chamber 31: Use the Ukemi move successfully ten times in Reel 7, Act 1.
    Chamber 32: Successfully complete Reel 1, Act 4.
    Chamber 33: Successfully complete Chamber 24.
    Chamber 34: Successfully complete Reel 1, Act 4 without getting any Film Canisters.
    Chamber 35: Successfully complete story mode on the Adult difficulty setting.
    Chamber 36: Successfully complete Chamber 27 and complete story mode on the Kids difficulty setting.
    Chamber 37: Successfully complete Chamber 6, complete story mode on the Kids difficulty setting, and get an overall "D" rank three times.
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