Elite LEGION Tech

How do I get Elite LEGION TECH?

       Only one way. First you have to clear every zone on the Global Conflict map. Then you have to assault the final LEGION Lair, and succeed (a pocketful of mulligans can be handy here). When you exit, you'll get an ELITE Tech for every team member. As with Gadgets and regular LEGION Tech, any team member that already has their tech (there's exactly on Elite tech for each agent).

       This mean it'll take four trips around the world if you you want to fully kit your team out in their best gear. The upside- if you do plan to get every last tech you can always run the final lair with your favorite team, regardless of which blueprintsyou have left to collect. One minor note- elite tech does *not* count toward your LEGION tech total for Agency status.

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