Mission 05 – Abduction At The Clock Tower

MISSION 05 – Abduction At The Clock Tower



Main objective: Rescue Oracle from the Arkham Knight

Objective: Meet Gordon outside GCPD Prisoner Detention


As you begin the mission, it is likely that the Bleake Island area is now swarming with drones. Make your way to the police department, while being careful of drones that stand in your way. You'll probably encounter at least two large groups of them before you arrive at the lockup. When you arrive, walk over to the police car and let Jim know the news before continuing on your way.



Objective: Escort Gordon to Oracle's Clock Tower


After getting back to street level on Gordon's tail, you'll only begin driving for a few seconds before a bunch of militia forces swarm him. He will then put the pedal to the floor and high tail it out of there as fast as his cop car can carry him. Pursue the chase down the roads and side streets, staying as close as you can to avoid losing them (shown by the signal strength).


You will also have to get close so you can take out the enemy vehicles with immobilizer (B/ Circle). Once you are finished leaving them scattered about the island in impotent rage, park in your designated bat parking spot.



Objective: Take out the Arkham Knight's militia forces occupying the Clock Tower


After putting Gordon in the back seat, a short drive will take you to the base of the Clock Tower. As you may have guessed, it's swarming with enemy forces. Take out the twelve tanks guarding the clock tower one by one (or four at once with your special attack) and then make your way up the side of the building on foot with your grappling hook.


Before entering the tower, you will need to take out the troops on the 'top' before you can enter (the audio says they are on the roof, but in reality they are far lower down on an adjacent building). Use your superior viewpoint to line up your attacks and take them out. Once the coast is clear, you can enter the Clock Tower from the roof.



Objective: Investigate the Clock Tower for clues to help locate Oracle


When you drop down inside the tower, things will be a little bit different from last time. When it seems to be over just move around the room changing your view point until the wall changes. After examining it, things will return to 'normal.'  Before Gordon arrives, interact with the fallen wheelchair in the center of the room to trigger his appearance.


A brief scene will play out when he shows up. Once Gordon leaves, use the computer to manually scan for evidence from the security cameras on the Clock Tower. You will need to scrub through the camera footage to determine who took Oracle, how they did it and what vehicle they left in.



The video you are interested in is the top right of the four selections. Progress the scenes back or forward, and pause so you can select the appropriate section of the scene (the arrival of the enemy vehicles, Arkham Knight leaving the Clock Tower with Oracle, Arkham Knight placing her in one of the cars). Batman will let you know if there is more you need to do. Now that that's done, it's time to track her down.


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