Evolve Guide/Walkthrough

Evolve is a new type of multiplayer team and solo FPS (also known as asymmetrical teams) brought to us by Turtle Rock Studios (best known for their work on Counterstrike: Condition Zero and the Left 4 Dead games). At its heart Evolve has a team of four hunters on an alien planet in the Outer Arm of the galaxy who are tasked with bringing down a vicious human controlled monster (or something that walks into walls due to bad ping). The monster on the other hand, must feed and grow until it is powerful enough to wipe out the hunters. Dota players may be able to draw some comparisons there with certain characters. There are various game types that change up the offensive and defensive flow of play, as well as various monster types. Each variant of monster plays differently and has a unique set of skills designed for bringing down their unwitting prey. Players get to choose their side and descend to the surface of Shear to battle it out to see who is the hunter and who is the hunted.
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