Peaches (Here Kitty, Kitty)

Peaches (Here Kitty, Kitty)

Start recruiting this wildcat at Peaches Taxidermy, in Faith's region.

Talk to the quirkily bigoted Miss Mable inside, to begin this quest.

You might as well swipe her collectible comic book (next to the tv) while you're here.

Follow your marker to Peaches' treats, and take the bag.

Then follow the trail of carnage to Peaches. You'll have to lead Peaches back to the house after this, so remember your steps, and use bridges rather than wingsuits or parachutes to clear gaps.

Reach the campsite, and help Peaches eliminate the cultists here. No specialists to worry about.

When the coast is clear, equip Peaches' treats as your throwable (they will have replaced Bait in your utility wheel).

Keep throwing these treats ahead of you on the trail to lure Peaches back to the Taxidermy.

The bait may draw wolves, so be ready to ward off or destroy them.

There'll also be a two-man sharpshooter team en route.

And finally, the taxidermy itself will be under attack when you return. Eliminate all hostiles, of which there are about eight.

When the noise has settled down, use the treats to lure Peaches back to her pen.

This triggers a last convo with Miss Mable, unlocks Peaches, and completes the mission.

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