Mission 10 – Of Cows And Wine



MISSION 10 – Of Cows And Wine


After triggering the mission, you'll find Mario in bovine straits. Watch the ridiculous scene play out and afterwards you'll be tasked with being the delivery boy for the revolution's booze. From your high location, wingsuit down towards the seaside house marked below and get in the truck loaded with wine barrels.


You'll notice extremely quickly that these barrels seem to disagree with the laws of physics, bouncing around like ping pong balls. This makes your task of getting them to the party rather difficult. Oh, and there are also flaming kamikaze truck drivers as well, just waiting to screw you over. No, I'm not kidding. So you are going to need to be rather cautious and avoid anything that looks like a large bump to keep as many of the barrels in the back as possible. I made it there with about nine remaining (from 12) so it seems you can lose a few and still be OK. Just avoid those mad truck drivers. Bring the grog and watch the party scenes play to conclude the mission. Seriously, why didn't they make a game about Moorio? Even a mini-game would have been awesome.



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