Avengers World Tour Collectibles

Avengers World Tour Collectibles

True Believer: 185,000 Studs

Stan Lee: In Siberia, Stan is extreme downstage center, trapped in ice. Smash the yellow crate here to build a grav booster.

Grav bomb it to start a mini-volcano, which is not how anyone expected that to play out. Still, it frees Stan, for the moment.

Hidden Character: Black Cat

During the underwater level, magic open the diver's cage on the ocean floor, far stage left, to get Black Cat's token.


(1) In Siberia, use a mechanically minded minifig to Fix the seismograph. It will immediately break again, revealing a minikit.

(2) In Siberia, fly up above the main door, to find a minikit floating behind the icy over hang, stage right.

(3) In Siberia, inside the facility, push the slidey crates downstage as far as they'll go.

One will fall off- smash it for a 'kit.

(4) On the ocean floor, stage left (not far from the Black Cat token), dig up the dirt pile for a treasure chest with the kit inside.

(5) Underwater, centerstagish, there's a teleport pad by the blue tube. Though it's got a Lockjaw icon, you can activate it with Thor.

Portal across to retrieve the minikit here, next to a defunct generator.

(6) Underwater, in the room with the leftmost generator (the one the yellow tube leads to), run the lazer maze with Kamala to open the rightmost locker, revealing a minikit.

(7) Underwater, on the upper level of the outer complex, stage rightish, is a large crate with a red lid.

Pull on the pull-loops to tear off the side, revealing the minikit within.

(8) During the first stage of the Shocker fight on the bridge, the kit is trapped beneath the large pane-of-glass debris. Smash the nearby sawhorse barricade for the pieces to build a pull-loop, then pull the debris away to claim your kit.

(9) In the mini-jungle, blow up the silver bricks downstage left for a hidden kit.

(10) In the final battle with Doc Ock, look for the van with the Hulk Handles, stage left.

Pull them open to reveal a minikit inside.

Doing all of the above completes the mission

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