Kree-search and Development Collectibles

Kree-search and Development Collectibles

True Believer 80,000 studs

Stan Lee: Douse the flames of the burning Sentry wreckage in the assembly area.

Get them all to free Stan.

Hidden Character: Hobgoblin

In the final boss area, use magic or telekinesis to twirl a blue crank on the stage right side.

This raises a Hulk-Handled chest. Tear it open for the Hobgoblin token.


(1) There are five shimmery orbs that blow up when you use magic or telekinesis on them. One is above the doorway stage left as you enter.

One's atop a ladder, high above the burning Sentry plaza.

One's in the room that opens up behind that plaza, stage left.

One's in between the two glowing tanks above the laser-eyed Sentries.

And the last is downstage, left of the final jumping steps, right of the laser Sentries.

(2) After turning on the lights in the first area, run the hackable lazer maze stage left.

This blows up the head of the nearest Sentry, revealing a minikit.

(3) After the cutscene which reveals the laser-eyed guardians, fly straight up from the burning pile of sentry.

Behind the strut up here is a purple stud, and a minikit.

(4) In the same platform with the burning Sentry, charge up the Chi Dragon stage left.

A minikit emerges from the ground just downstage.

(5) In the assembly line itself, look for an arm with gold bands moving back and forth. Melt the bands to instantly win a minikit.

(6) Above the left part of the assemby line is a stationary gold plate. Melt it.

Fly over to grab the revealed minikit.

(7) Use sonics to smash the glass panel just before the doorway into the the Ronan fight.

Build the pieces into a Cap Shield base, and take aim at the lowest bumper.

This drops the minikit.

(8) In the final fight with Ronan, destroy the silver doghouses upstage left.

Dig in the revealed ground, then assemble the found pieces for a minikit.

(9) In the final boss chamber, use sonics to destroy the glass hammers of the five Ronan statues. Note that one of them is behind the energy field, and won't be accessible until Ronan himself joins the fray.

(10) Likewise, there is a minikit hidden behind Ronan's throne, that you also cannot get to until after her joins the fight. This is one is mildly tricky- you may have to jump and punch a bit to get it to pop.

Accomplish all this to complete the level.

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