Rune to Manuever Collectibles

Rune to Manuever Collectibles

True Believer

90,000 studs for the True Believer brick.


(1) Break the glass case in the Foyer with a sonic attack for a minikit.

(2) Dig up the fireplace ashes for another (the ones you built by smashing the chair and the items behind the curtain in the fireplace room)


Smash the stuff stage left in the attic, and you can build a little hospital bed to bounce on. Hold down JUMP to keep bouncing until you get all the studs, then keep holding to grab a minikit.

(4) Smash all the card houses. One in the foyer by the coat rack, one in the foyer at the top of the right stairs, one in the sitting room by the fireplace, one on the balcony in the library with the fallen bookcase, and one behind the crate upstage left in the final attic room.

(5) Laser open the gold plate on the library balcony.

(6) Fly up to the left of the fireplace room to find it near the ceiling.

(7) Destroy the silver egg upstage right in the uppermost attic.

(8) Melt the gold flowerpot upstage left in the uppermost attic.

(9) Stage right in that same giant attic is the chute that delivers a crate of pieces to you. Have one character enter the chute, then have another character operate the console. The first character will get the occluded minikit.

(10) After beginning the Mordo fight, jump over the wall upmost stage left to find the last hidden minikit.

Stan Lee

Stan is trapped inside a treasure chest in the foyer. Smash the items immediately nearby to build a grav booster, and apply the necessary grav bomb to free him.

Hidden Character

Run the lazer maze behind the fallen bookcase to unlock Clea.

Complete all of the above to total the mission.

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