Bonus Mission 3: Collectibles

True Believer- 41,000 studs

Pink Brick: Just stage right of the clock is an ostentatious silver cage.

Blow it up, then float over to snag the brick.

Stan Lee: Just stage left of the buzzsaw is a wall with pull-loops.

Smash away the iron maiden in front, then pull down the wall (being careful not to fall through the grate).

This reveals a grid of buttons. Step only on the buttons indicated on the wall above Stan's cage (battleaxe, crown, shield).

This frees Stan and completes the task.

Secret Character: Valkyrie

In the final dragon chamber, dig up the dirt pile upper stage left.

Burn off the gold lock.

Destroy the chest to reveal the Valkyrie token.

Do all these things to complete the level.

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