Red King Revelation

Red King Revelation

Follow your marker under the sea to Lemuria to begin this mission.

The cutscene will see your group catapulted into the Red King's Coliseum in Sakaar. When you first regain control, Hulk will be at the mercy of a floating guard.

Take out the gold float-platform with Cpt Marvel's beam.

The camera will point out some pieces far stage left that can be turned into a shield receptor- build and activate them with Cpt America.

In response, lackeys pull a golden barrel of weapons onto the field, which is just more beam fodder.

The pieces can be built into a giant mechanical chicken which so enrages Hulk that another float guard is called for. Use Doc Strange to yank the pull-loop underneath his floater.

(While we're with Strange, you might take a moment to magically unfurl the five rolled banners around the stadium railing. They all look the same and are on the same level- none hidden in the stands or the stadium itself. Unroll all five for minikit).

Likewise, Strange can time-warp a flower in the extreme downstage right corner, and use it as trampoline to grab another minikit.

Now you can return to those fallen fragments from the floater, and build them into a shield-throwing platform.

As Cap, throw your shield against the bumper in the nearby alcove.

This releases a rock-warrior, who is immediately pounded to rubble by the Hulks.

Magic the pieces left behind to make tasty-looking rock cakes. Again, cakes, made from the the guy who just walked in here.

The stone guy cakes enrage Hulk one more time. The last floaty guard has an electro port on his floater. Switch to Thor but, before taking him out, use the T-God to charge up an electro port in the stands stage left.

This ejects a minikit.

Grab it, then go back and take out guard 3.

The Red King steps in to handle things. Use Cap to quell the flames around the burning chariot.

Use the bits to build a deflector plate, then use Cap to deflect the wyrmbeam back at one of the beast's gold components.

This knocks the King down to earth for a bit. Smack him around whenever his shield drops, which isn't often enough.

When he's had enough, he'll summon the wyrm again, blasting two treasure chests free from the sand.

Smash these and use the pieces for another deflector plate, which you'll use just like the last one.

This time the King is lot gunnier, but the basic tactics remain the same. As before, he'll eventually rewyrm, and you'll use the resultant debris to re-beam the third gold component.

This final victory completes the level.

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