Road to Knowhere

Road to Knowhere

Once the opening cutscene plays, you regain control in a Mansion under attack.

First, nip over to the left fountain and build the available pieces there into a minikit.

You can snag another by entering the Spidey-Sense field just downstage from the fountain, and dodging the resultant meteor.

Search the meteor debris for the kit.

Find a third on handy in the tree upstage left, as far as you can go.

And back to business. Use Black Bolt to blow up the glass container just stage left of the main entrance.

Build the resultant pieces into pull-loop for the wooden shed, and yank it open.

Turn the handle to activate the mansion sprinkler system, then use Wasp to blast away a purple meteorite stage right, and enter the ductwork connected to the satellite dish.

Fly to the button in the lower right corner and activate it, then fly up to the newly-reachable upper-right corner, and push out the pieces there.

Build them into a console for the satellite dish. Move the dish with the directional keys until the signal meter fills- it should be up and to the right.

Follow the lit cable back to left yard. Dispose of the Kang goons and two spiderbots, then turn the crank to align the dishes. No special trick to it- just keep turning.

When the dishes are aligned, the action switches to the backyard. Start by clearing away the minions attacking the generator.

Head far upstage right, and use White Tiger to slash away the vines from an electric port, and Thor to charge it.

This blows open the gates. Dispatch the Kang goons inside, then take the riding mower for a spin. Every plant you run over leaves behind a diggable dirt pile.

Dig them all up, and assemble the pieces into a giant hamster wheel.

Fight the goons and spiderbots jealous of your successes, and return stage left, tearing the Hulk-Handled panel off the scaffolding as Thor. Then, as White Tiger, jump up the ladder panels and hang from the switch.

There may be a slight bug here- a Captain America plate here appear when you hang from the switch, but the game acts like you're supposed to build the plate from pieces dug up via the nearby dirtpile. Do whichever one works for your system,and mount the plate as Cap when ready.

Aim for the second-lowest bumper, then throw to activate the crane, and get a bunch of new pieces.

Build these into a Windmill to power half the generator. Defeat a wave of Kangbots and, while you're here, smash all the snowmen not already smashed, and build them into an entirely different snowman, who will remove his top hat to reveal a minikit.

Pop Thor into the hamster wheel from earlier to charge the other side of the generator.

Activate the lever on the generator itself, and action will switch back up the roof. Your only goal is to keep smashing Kangites so that Strange can work his magic (so to speak). There is a console to call in airstrikes, but it's really not needed- just keep smashing anything in purple armor until the spell completes.

This, in turn, completes the level.

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