Common Bugs

Common Bugs

Mass Effect: Andromeda has a certain level of bugginess to it, and we're not just talking about the Creepers. Most of the time it's harmless stuff- pedestrians caught in walls, missing objects, dialogue zoom-ins that aren't pointing at the person you're talking to, etc.

Other bugs are more serious, resulting in the loss of time, exp, and items. Here are a few of the more common error types, and how to avoid them. Completed Quest not Marked as Completed Sometimes you've done everything a quest has asked, but even though the objective marker is gone and all the boxes are checked, it still seems to be incomplete. Fix: First doublecheck that it really is finished. Many quests, particular important ones, are periodically placed ON HOLD after a few until the main story progresses further. Others might have an unusual last step- like equipping an item. You can also check this very guide to make sure you haven't missed anything. If it really is complete (in a factual sense), try leaving and re-entering the room/area where you completed it. I encountered this bug most on the Nexus, and a quick tram ride from then to the goal area usually fixed things.

Quest Object Inoperative

To complete the task you need to interact with a particular console or person or space rock, but it won't respond. This is almost always caused by some interruption in the expected course of the quest- often dying just as you were interacting with the item in question. The best bet here is to reload to a point before you ever interacted with the item- this should clear the slate for your next attempt (the meteorite in 'Frequency' is an example of this type of bug).


The Vanguard's biotic charge is one of purest joys in the game, but it does have its quirks. It's not unusual, for example to find that you've clipped through a solid object behind your target, for instance. This is normally no big deal, but itside the Vaults and other dungeony spaces, you may find yourself catapulted into no-access spaces, with death your only escape. Grim stuff.

To avoid such a fate, try to only Charge enemies with a little extra space behind them, and be especially wary of Observers hovering close to the ceiling, or in corners.

Phantom Saves

Andromeda seems to allow unlimited save, but actually caps out at around 500. However, Andromeda doesn't tell you this- it still acts like it's saving your game, just those saves are nowhere to be found when you go to reload them. If you're using an excessive number of save slots (because you're writng a guide about the entire game, for example), be sure to double check that your saves are actually being written. If not, try overwriting old slots, then verifying he state has been updated. Autosaves are not affected by this bug. 

Endgame Merchants

After completing the final story mission, or reaching level 60, all weapons and armor are absent from merchant inventories- including those merchants than are only available after the story mission is complete. (Update: This appears to have been fixed in the latest patch).

Other, more quest specific bugs to watch out for are:

  • Behind Enemy Lines: Scan all the footprints in sequence. Don't run ahead, or the final trigger may not happen
  • Earning Your Badge: When fighting the Remant, save the Destroyer for last, or other required enemies may not materialize. Also, sometimes the final questgiver convo fails to compete the quest. No known fix.
  • The Little Things That Matter: Scanning these satellites will cause freezing and graphics glitches on the system screen. Try saving/reloading just before each attempt.
  • The Rebel: Kill every single hostile in front of the cave before venturing inside, or conversation may not trigger, and/or the quest will not properly complete.
  • Earning Your Badge: When killing the Remant, kill the Desroyer last, or later waves of enemies may not spawn, leaving you short of your kill-quota. Regardless, speaking with the quest-giver at the very end may still fail to complete this quest.
  • Missing Scientists: If you approach the final fight from an odd angle, the mission may not update/complete properly. Try to drive in as straight a line as possible, along the floor of the gorge.
  • Movie Night: In the final shot, Ryder may be invisible. Jarring, despite the clear tactical advantages
  • Gone Dark: The anagaran bugs will not always be scannable. Try scanning from several different angles. If that still doesn't work, go out and find more bugs.
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