Eos – Signals and Monoliths

Eos – Signals and Monoliths

Head down the road , then up the hill for a brief primer on using six wheel drive (activated with the right mouse button). Note that six wheel drive is a toggle- it remains engaged until you switch it back. You can check which one you're in by looking at the nomad icon on the bottom of the screen, which will be either blue for four-wheel or brown for six-wheel.

Note that you can leave the NOMAD to gather resources or fight enemies on foot, but keep an eye on the Life Support meter in the lower left of your screen. Once it runs out, you'll start taking damage. The NOMAD has its own Life Support meter, but it's much more durable than your suits. Still, wander too far into the high desert, and it will run out.

Bear left, following the tracks in the sand (you can run over enemies, but there's no XP for it). You'll soon reach a radiation-shielded cluster of monoliths. Scan the nearby alien tech (keeping in mind that those canisters come in several different varieties, all of which can be scanned for intel) then try to use the Alien Device.

SAM will prompt you to find a nearby glyph, which you can do by tracing the conduit from the Device to the top of a nearby Monolith.

Use the scaffolding at its base to ascend the monolith, then use your scanner to reveal the glyph. Also, take careful note of the scanners here. Unlike most items, these can be scanned again when you encounter new ones.

Drop down and try to Interface with the device again to trigger a cutscene and a tackle.

You do have a quicktime option to shove her off you, but since she was trying to save your life, it hardly seems kind. When the cutscene ends, you'll be in combat with a number of Remnant robots. You'll want to prioritze killing the Assemblers, who can spawn more robots, but the heavy hitter on the board is the Observer- a flying laser platform with shields. Evade it or destroy it, just don't forget about it while taking down the others.

When you're done with that, interrogate PB, and head back on the road. Follow the tracks to the second tower, bearing west to take a higher approach.

You'll encounter several other adventure hooks on the way, as well as get close enough to see another forward station land.

Still, those are incidental at the moment. Press on to the monolith, which you enter by jumping up some giant steps.

There are a lot of Remant machines here, but they won't attack unless you get too close. Since you're going to have get close to the device to activate it, better to take them out on your terms. Pick your initial attack carefully- there are a lot of bots here, and they all mean business.

One good strategy to is to use long range attacks from the perimeter- the bots don't like to stray too far from the center, so you can soften up the mob from cover before diving in.

Once they're down you'll need to go glyph hunting again- this time for two glyphs. The scanner will reveal their locations, but getting to them is a little trickier. For the westerly one, use the nearby Alien Console to grow some hexagonal pillars you can jump up.

In addition to the glyph, there's an Unknown Resonant Device up to you can scan. Apparently it was used to hit people. The other monolith also has a convenient column-maker at its base. Note that you do NOT need to be standing on the monolith itself to scan this one- standing on the topmost pillar platform is close enough to snag the glyph.

Drop back down and decrypt the terminal.

When you do, a largish contingent of kett will be dropshipped in (two Anointed and three Chosen). Use the terrain to break them up and take them out

You can also create blast shields using the alien consoles here.

When the ground is clear, press on to the last monolith. There's only one way in, so roll up and prepare for battle.

You don't have Ryder Sr. with you this time,so play this one calm and by-the-book. The enemy standing shields reflect blasts and dropships will constantly drop reinforcements, so advance slowly, and keep an eye out for enemies in your blindspots.

There are plenty of ammo crates strewn around, so spend as many bullets as you need to keep your target down. When you're clear, destroy or deactivate the shield generator at the east end of the base to gain access.

This triggers a cutscene with a krogan named Drack, of Clan Nakmor. He splits once the scene is over, but you'll see him again.

Loot and scan the facility. Note in particular that there are multiple Artifact Crates which can each be scanned.

When you're done inside, head to the monoliths proper. There are more of Peebee's devices, and they can be scanned again for data. Trace the two glyphs to their monoliths. One can be mounted by using a small hexagaonal pillar near its base, just outside the radiation shield.

The other has two pillars inside the shield to take you up.

No ambush this time, but activating all three monolith clusters has triggered something in the lake. Drive down the slope then lakeward to trigger another Forward Station launch.

Head to the western edge of the lake (as indicated by your objective) marker.

Activate the console here, then cross the bridge on foot (there's a bug where crossing in the NOMAD can glitch out Peebee). Descend to the underground door to open up your very first Vault.

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